Having accurate, accessible inventory can be the difference between keeping and losing a valued customer.


Our RF Plus for VISUAL Manufacturing is truly unique because it is one database. Our system is fully integrated with VISUAL. Portable Intelligence is a VISUAL user and our President is a member of the VISUAL Steering Committee. RF Plus complements and improves the VISUAL platform by using the data in VISUAL and providing additional unique features and processes that customers want such as:

License Plates, Wave Picks, Kitting, Labels on Demand, Traceability, Support up to 8.0, Actual/Standard Cost Support, QC - Multiple Quarantine Locations and Movements, Backflush FG Support & Raw Material Support (Auto-Issue), WO-CO & PO-WO Link Support, Auto Labour Ticket Creation, Delivery Line Schedule for PO and CO. 


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Inbound Module

  • Receiving materials against a P.O.
  • Identifying inspection
  • Required flag QC
  • Quarantine
  • Real time printing of P.O. material labels
  • Receiving to a staging location
  • Put away of raw materials into warehouse location (2 stg)
  • Overwrite staging location

  • Optional
  • License build on recv and put away
  • Configuration by warehouse


  • Issue raw material to work order
  • Add requirements
  • Suggested locations (FIFO, Low to High or High to Low)
  • Issue return
  • Finish goods receiving 1 stage
  • Receive to inventory location (primary)
  • Print generic FG labels
  • Finish goods receiving 2 stage
  • Receiving to staging location
  • Put away of finished goods
  • Receive co-product orders
  • Adjust off before Finish Receiving

  • Optional
  • License issue
  • Print customer specific FG labels
  • Configuration by warehouse

Inventory Module

  • Support lot trace, serial and non-trace, inventory count (update Visual Tags)
  • Inventory transfers
  • Inventory locator (by part/location)
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Cycle count

  • Optional
  • Physical count with license feature
  • License plating - global
  • Piece tracking (dimensional)
  • Configuration by warehouse
  • Smart replen

Outbound Module

  • Picking against customer order
  • Shipping against customer order
  • Suggested locations (FIFO, Low to High or High to Low)
  • Order adjustments
  • Order scheduling and prioritization
  • Printing packing slip
  • Close order confirmation from Control Center
  • Two-stage shipping (picking & shipping)
  • Picking to staging location
  • Printing shipping labels
  • Pick by delivery schedule lines
  • Gang picking
  • Batch picking (multiple orders)
  • Scheduling orders to specific user
  • Auto-Schedule picking by date range
  • Pick and ship full licenses
  • Freight cost entry

  • Optional
  • Zone picking
  • Directed picking
  • License picking
  • Configuration by warehouse

The Process

RF Plus Warehouse Management System - Portable Intelligence WMS - The Process: Inbound, Inventory, Work In Progress, Outbound.

What to Expect

reduction in issuing and picking errors
increase in picking rates
increase in order fill rate
reduction in buffer stock
reduction in inventory count time

RF Plus™ has become an essential tool for our company, we’ve gone from having inventory feeling like it is over the place to having it under control and being very accurate. It’s a game changer for us
— — Carl Reilly, Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Crawford Packaging
Paradigm has been using RF Plus since 2009. Since the implementation of RF Plus, our business has evolved and RF Plus has scaled with us. Before RF Plus, we couldn’t say with any degree of certainty what we had in inventory, and where it was in the warehouse. But now, at any moment in time, we know exactly what we have on hand – from raw materials to finished goods – and we know where everything is. This has allowed us to focus on our core business of building world class audio equipment and not worrying about our ability to fill orders.
— IT Director, Paradigm Electronics, Mississauga Ontario
Paradigm Logo for Warehouse Management Systems Testimonial

Compatible Operating Systems

RF Plus Warehouse Management System - Portable Intelligence WMS - Compatible Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows

Our Partners

RF Plus Warehouse Management System - Portable Intelligence WMS - Our Partners: Symbol, Zebra, Honeywell, Apple, Microsoft

Supported Software

Infor VISUAL, Syspro™, and Microsoft® Dynamics NAV