Barcoding success for Infor VISUAL ERP

Infor’s VISUAL ERP was purpose built for running your manufacturing company. In use by thousands of manufacturers around the world VISUAL deservedly has earned a stellar reputation for planning, managing production and tracking its costs. It wasn’t however created to manage inventories. You order enough raw materials to meet the order and all production is shipped to the customer thus leaving very little inventory to track. However, over time a manufacturer goes from being made to order to made to stock. Orders get bigger and more frequent, creating the need to hold inventories around supplier lead times and customer delivery schedules. Suddenly you have inventory and lots of it but VISUAL gives you very little real time visibility from an accuracy and location viewpoint.

The 25 barcoding success practices discussed in this whitepaper are based on the following core principles:

  1. Materials need to flow and be made available at the right time, quality, and quantity when needed.
  2. Material flow should occur with a minimum number of touches and storage time
  3. Warehouse and manufacturing capacity are directly related
  4. Materials Management is a continuous improvement journey and not an endpoint.

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