Getting Ready for MODEX 2022


MODEX is the world’s leading material handling, transportation, and supply chain trade show. MODEX 2022 will be held in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA from March 28th to 31st and we will be presenting the Smart Warehouse Pavilion, which includes new and advanced technologies that will transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage. With just a few days left for MODEX, the excitement level for everyone at Pi is at an all-time high. 

Many of you reached out asking some questions about the event and our preparations for the same. Here are the answers to the 3 most commonly asked questions by none other than our President Jeff Lem.

1. What is Portable Intelligence going to present at MODEX 2022?

Answer: We are unveiling 3 key Smart Warehouse technologies at MODEX 2022

Indoor location tracking: ILT will address ‘the missing link' in your supply chain – worker visibility and control, leading to a new era in productivity and throughput.

Vision Plus: This feature will allow pickers to pick and ship without having to scan ANY barcodes - an efficiency dream come true!

Super Scan: Super Scan is our new data collection technology that gets you the best of both worlds – real-time data collection and accuracy.  Saving your workers vital seconds per transaction ultimately results in more time for doing actual work. This technique of scanning will cut your barcode scanning and data collection time by around 30% to 50%.


2. How does it feel to attend an in-person event after 2 years?

Answer: It feels great! Strong relationships are the key to long-term business success. Meeting clients, coworkers, and colleagues in person provides a sense of human interaction, which can help build trust and make it easier to form deeper connections. Looking forward to making some strong connections with potential clients and industry colleagues at MODEX.


3. How has Covid-19 changed the fabric of Supply chain management in North America and how is Portable Intelligence addressing those changes?

Answer: Covid-19 has changed the entire pace of the Supply Chain industry. The changes that were predicted to happen over a decade instead occurred within a time span of 2 years. The major focus has now shifted to Labor Management, Automation, and getting things done faster. In light of the tight supply chain and inventories, there’s a heightened need for greater visibility and accuracy of inventory.


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