New Customer Announcement: Northern Cables

We’re very excited to announce our newest customer on board :Northern Cables. They will be using RF Plus™ for VISUAL to address their material handling challenges.

Northern Cables is a world class manufacturer of commercial and industrial power cables. They operate three manufacturing facilities and six distribution centers to service their customers throughout North America.

To learn more about Northern Cables visit their website

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Pi welcomes Command Medical Products to the Pi community

Command Medical Products, Inc. is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Ormond Beach, Florida offering medical device contract manufacturing services for the production of single use disposable medical devices. Command’s core competencies include extrusion of medical tubing, RF welding, assembly and packaging services. Command’s facilities are ISO 13485 certified and registered with the FDA.

For more information on Command Medical Products click here

Pi welcomes new customer Somerville - Elite Retail Solutions

Somerville is a Canadian company which offers ISO certified custom manufacturing processes, which help skilled craftspeople consistently and efficiently develop and deliver products to the highest quality standards. Their ability to collaborate directly with vendors that are dedicated to providing quality and reliability enables them to offer our North American partners exceptional speed to market. 

To learn more about them by clicking here

Pi welcomes new customer Master Machine

Master Machine, Inc. is your precision machining partner for complex parts, whether you need a fast turnaround on a short run or a resource for long-run production. Their engineering and machining experts put quality and precision first to ensure your order arrives on time, on budget, and with every single piece uniformly machined to your specifications. They machine every part with its end application in mind so you can expect parts that work flawlessly in the field. 
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Pi welcomes new customer Beemer Precision

Beemer Precision, Inc has a CORE BUSINESS mission devoted to the production and delivery of plain bearings rewarding their customers with engineered quality for over 80 years. OEM and Distribution Partners go to them with opportunities to develop solutions from past experience or create a new matrix raising industry CORE EXPECTATIONS. Two plants with a crystal clear business focus clearly defined and measured by their partner’s successes, is AT THE CORE.

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Pi welcomes United Displaycraft as our new customer

United Displaycraft, now part of Great Northern Instore, is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of permanent point of purchase displays, greeting card display racks, store fixtures, and custom in-store merchandising solutions. Their selection includes store display fixtures to hold all sorts of merchandise and literature. Greeting card racks from 12 to 84 pockets, for floor or countertop, to hold hundreds of greeting cards, custom displays to show case specific products, wire racks for every possible use: mass merchandising, convenience stores, grocery/drug store displays, automotive display racks and many more. For over 50 years they have been combining their creativity and high-tech equipment to produce successful marketing solutions for their customers.

For more information visit their website

Pi welcomes new customer Quadro Engineering Corp

Pi proudly welcomes QUADRO ENGINEERING CORP.

Quadro Engineering Corp., is the industry leader in specialized process equipment for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, food, chemical processing, and cosmetic manufacturing. Quadro located in Waterloo, Ontario is best known for its  groundbreaking conical mill (Quadro® Comil®).

For more information visit Quadro Engineering Corp

Pi welcomes new customer Adams Cargo

Adams Cargo a leader in bonded customs clearance has chosen RF Plus SA for their distribution and warehouse facility in Mississauga, Ontario.  Adams is a family run enterprise that first opened its doors in 1927 and offers a comprehensive range of services including drayage, warehousing, de-stuffing/stuffing of containers, along with specialized handling services of valuable cargo.

Pi Welcomes PAC Worldwide

Portable Intelligence proudly welcomes PAC Worldwide

PAC Worldwide manufactures protective mailers and specialty packaging for the courier, e-commerce, fulfillment and distribution markets.

They offer a full portfolio of branded and stock packaging with bubble lined and flat solutions.

For over 40 years, PAC Worldwide Corporation has been a leader and innovator in development, manufacturing, and automation of premium packaging solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers worldwide.

 For more information visit PAC Worldwide Website

Pi Welcomes Aquion

Portable Intelligence proudly welcomes Aquion, Inc.

Aquion, Inc. is a manufacturer and marketer of premium water treatment equipment and water quality solutions that serve a variety of markets around the world. 

They have been manufacturing water treatment equipment since 1953 and offer a diverse line of water conditioners, iron filters, carbon filters, drinking-water purifiers, ozone and ultraviolet disinfection systems, reverse osmosis systems and acid neutralizers for the residential and commercial water treatment industry.

Aquion products carry quality and performance certifications from NSF, WQA and UL.

Their 160,000 sq. ft state of the art ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility, located in Roselle, IL, is specifically designed to serve a large, national and international distribution network. For more information visit the Aquion, Inc. website.