Pi welcomes new customer Quadro Engineering Corp

Pi proudly welcomes QUADRO ENGINEERING CORP.

Quadro Engineering Corp., is the industry leader in specialized process equipment for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, food, chemical processing, and cosmetic manufacturing. Quadro located in Waterloo, Ontario is best known for its  groundbreaking conical mill (Quadro® Comil®).

For more information visit Quadro Engineering Corp

Pi welcomes new customer Adams Cargo

Adams Cargo a leader in bonded customs clearance has chosen RF Plus SA for their distribution and warehouse facility in Mississauga, Ontario.  Adams is a family run enterprise that first opened its doors in 1927 and offers a comprehensive range of services including drayage, warehousing, de-stuffing/stuffing of containers, along with specialized handling services of valuable cargo.

Pi welcomes new partner GOX Technologies, Solutions and Strategy

Portable Intelligence Inc. proudly welcomes new partner GOX Technologies. 

G.O.X. Technologies is a leader in business computing and manufacturing solutions. They also offer advanced expertise in network infrastructure and leading solutions for the virtualization of their customers' IT environment and this is without mentioning their great product like servers, storage, and office tools. In addition, their outsourcing services and technical assistance center provide their customers a continuous presence, which facilitates the implementation and operation of technology and tools that maximize the flow of economic and financial organization.

For more information on their products and services Click Here!

Pi Welcomes 2 New RF Plus and TM Plus Customers!

We are happy to announce two new customers that are committed to real time inventory and labour tracking.

David W. Wilson Manufacturing of Burford, Ontario has a 60+ year history manufacturing various precision parts.

HTI Cybernetics of Sterling Heights, Michigan is an industry leading systems integrator focused on robotics, welding and ergonomics.

Congrats to DWW and HTI, welcome to the Pi family and we look forward to the go live celebration.

Pi welcomes a new customer - Stemcell

Portable Intelligence is proud to announce a new customer: Stemcell. Stemcell and Pi have agreed to a 5 Country deal. Stemcell and Pi are working well (and hard) together to ensure a smooth implementation.

Stemcell - welcome to the Pi family, cheers to five upcoming implementations!