Upgrade Alert! RF Plus™ web v2019.6.7

Portable Intelligence would like to announce the release of a new version of RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP web.

This upgrade includes the following updates,

  • Generate Packlist By ShipTo ID (Wave Picking)  

    Through wave picking screen, we can now generate Packlist By ShipTo IDs after picking a wave order and finishing the order against a series of customer orders. 

  • Close Customer order through Control Center 

    By simply adjusting the configuration in the RF Plus control centre, user can close the order and ship through control center. 

  • Reprint Master LPN Label 

    Master LPN Label and Sub LPN Labels can be reprinted when needed.

  • Packlist Transfer 

    After an order has been picked and has been updated, the Packlist created for that order can now be transferred from one warehouse to another for further shipping purposes. 


    In handheld, user can now select the customer order and start picking by parts. User can also adjust the picked part when it is needed to be adjusted. 

  • SUB LPN Picking 

    This new RF Plus v2019.6.7 will provide flexibility to the warehouse supervisors to schedule, pick, and ship a group of Sub LPNs under a Master LPN. The user can simply enters/scans the master LPN. and then enter the customer order to associate with the master LPN and enter parts and Sub LPNs. User can also adjust the Sub LPNs under the master LPN. 

To upgrade to the latest version of RF Plus for VISUAL or to learn more about the features email us at info@portable-intelligence.com