We had stock but with little or no visibility. With three locations and no system in place to provide a clear indication of part availability and location, personnel had to drive from facility to facility in search of a particular part. As we had no clarity on current inventory status, we used to stock more parts than required and things got even more complicated with increasing customer demands as we had to start outsourcing more due to insufficient inventory available on hand. Moreover, our process is project based and the PO-WO Link in VISUAL was keeping us from tracking inventory in different stages of the process. Also, project based process meant that received materials generally had to sit on the floor for around 6-18 months. Therefore, tracking location of inventory was crucial to ensure that inventory was made available when required. Another concern was the lost/ misplaced inventory which happened during movements between multiple facilities.This caused us to remake things twice or sometimes thrice. Overall, all the above inventory challenges resulted in increased material, transportation and labor costs.


The company purchased RF Plus™ for VISUAL.The rollout and plan was as following:

  • Start with one facility on 19 Mile Road

  • Implement Receiving, Issuing and Put away

  • Label Printers

 Keys to the project’s success:

  • Upgrade to VISUAL version 8.0 (from v6.5.2)

  • Integration to VISUAL and VISUAL Projects

  • Breaking the PO-WO Link

  • Create new custom reports for material and project reporting


  • Inventory visibility improved by 100%

  • Increased stock by over 250% and increased response

  • Material handling processes more professional and consistent

  • Employee pride and excitement around the investment

  • Increased appreciation of Infor VISUAL ERP

Next Steps

  • RF Plus™ roll out to other facilities

  • Labor tracking module (TM Plus™) to roll out at the 19 Mile facility

  • Implementation of inventory count and warehouse transfers module.