Inventory Module

The Inventory Module is an integrated solution that gives you complete control of your inventory and helps you transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

Key Features of the Inventory Module

Common Challenges the Inventory Count feature solves

"This has become an essential tool for our company, we've gone from having inventory all over the place to having it under control and being very accurate. Portable Intelligence's Solutions are a game-changer for us."

Inventory Count On Your Handheld Device

To complete an Inventory Cycle Count with Warehouse Shark simply enter the Count ID, Location, Part, and Quantity of the inventory to be counted. Features include:

  • Cycle counts
  • Physical counts

Inventory Count Inside The Control Center

The Control Center gives you access to the Warehouse Shark Inventory dashboard. Here you'll see how many counts are in progress, completed, and how many count discrepancies exist. Inside the Control Center, you can also access, export, and print relevant reports.

Inventory Transfer On Your Handheld Device

Warehouse Shark sends your inventory transfer information straight from your handheld device to your ERP in real time. Once you’ve completed the transfer on your handheld device you can see the “Adjust In” and “Adjust Out” quantities and locations of your inventory inside your ERP. Features include:

  • Bin Transfers
  • Warehouse Transfers

Inventory Lookup On Your Handheld Device

Warehouse Shark's Inventory Module makes Inventory Lookup possible by Part, Location, or Trace ID. Features include:

  • Lookup by Part
  • Lookup by Trace
  • Lookup by Location
  • Lookup by Warehouse

Inventory Lookup Inside The Control Center

Warehouse Shark automatically updates the relevant information inside the Control Center once you've completed an Inventory Lookup on your handheld device. The Control Center lets you generate and print reports on where the inventory is located by warehouse and location ID.




The Warehouse Shark Inventory Module is an integrated solution improving warehouse operations around the world. Our Inventory Module gives you complete control of your inventory and helps you transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage.

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