We needed a robust yet flexible warehouse management system to accommodate and support our business growth across multiple warehouses , companies and IBTs.

There were no locations setup in VISUAL resulting in frequent lost inventory, delays in issuing work orders, errors and delays in picking customer orders .

It was absolutely essential for this new warehouse management software to provide us real time updates on raw material receiving and put away.

We were also taking a long time doing inventory cycle counts and most times we used to find discrepancy between the physical and system inventory count.


  • Full system of RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP Software + Training

  • We started by setting up bin locations in VISUAL and racking locations in the warehouse

  • With the help of third party assistance we installed Wi-Fi in our warehouse

  • We also invested in Label Printers and Mobile Scanners (CK3)


RF Plus™ provides us with real-time updates which results in a seamless Purchase Order Receiving and Put Away. We noticed an increase in production efficiency and reduction in errors as our raw material is now put away in proper locations and is tracked 100% of the time.

Our shop floor employees no longer waste their time and energy in looking for parts as our inventory does not get lost and we can issue replacement material on-the-fly leading to higher through-put.

RF Plus has helped us eradicate inaccuracies and delays in Customer Order Shipments. So we are now having more through-put and less customer order picking time.

We are also looking at implementing RF Plus at our other facilities as we now have the option to do easy IBT’s with better inventory tracking.

Our inventory cycle count time has reduced by 50% and the inventory accuracy has increased by 90% . Now that we get real-time reports our physical and system inventory is always synced!

We thank RF Plus and the Pi team for helping us turn our warehouse from a lost and cost center to a production powerhouse!