New Release RF Plus™ for VISUAL Web v2021.6.8.8

Portable Intelligence announces the release of RF Plus™ for VISUAL v2021.6.8.8 with the following changes.

  • RF Plus will now support picking multiple Customer Orders with the same Customer ID and Ship to ID on an LPN in LPN Picking. This is a configurable feature in Control Center
  • In LPN Picking, RF Plus can now collect the waybill (Pro Number) number when picking starts and have it printed on each license summary label. This is also a configurable feature in Control Center.
  • A new shipping screen, LPN Shipping by Packlist is added to the Handheld Outbound menu. This is also a configurable feature where users can ship the picked items by Packlist
  • Another configurable feature is added in the LPN Picking screen to alert users when selecting/entering Customer Order and/or Line
  • Shipping Part Label feature is added in LPN Picking screen when closing an LPN, Shipping part labels will automatically be printed along with License summary Label. Also, users can print the Shipping part label by Customer Id and Ship-To Address NO
  • Reprint Shipping Part label screen is added under Handheld Outbound menu and users can reprint shipping part labels if needed
  • Consolidated BOL’s (Bill of Lading) will be printed once a trailer is fully loaded using LPN Shipping and the door is closed on the Handheld
  • A new feature is implemented in RF Plus to enable the application to send an email to a specified employee’s email after each PO receipt.
  • For RF Plus CO allocation, a new feature ‘RF Plus Allocation Service’ is added that automatically allocates inventory to Customer Orders using a background service. Inventory will be allocated based on customer priorities and desired ship dates


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