New Release RF Plus™ for VISUAL Web v2021.6.8.9

Portable Intelligence announces the release of RF Plus™ for VISUAL v2021.6.8.9 with the following changes.

  • RF Plus can now limit the maximum number of customer orders allowed in wave order
  • RF Plus now supports CO-Inventory demand-supply linked orders (Demand type customer order linked to supply type Inventory)
  • RF Plus now supports the following Visual Manufacturing 10 features:
  • Inactive Parts: Inactive parts are highlighted with an ‘i’ in the inventory lookup screen
  • Account Period Manufacturing Lock: RF Plus will prevent users from logging in if ‘Account Period Manufacturing Lock’ is enabled in Visual.
  • Customer Order Line Status: RF Plus will show customer order lines with ‘Inherit’ and ‘Released’ status.
  • Support for Visual 10 UPC parsing: RF Plus Control Center Part maintenance screen is modified to display and editing of the UPC and UPC_PKG
  • RF Plus can now pack subparts without needing to select the kit part (main part). Users will be able to select the subparts directly from the list in the Packing screen.
  • Users can now print packlist at pick completion, pack completion, and ship completion. These new packlist printing options can be found in RF Plus Control Center
  • RF Plus users can now pack customer orders against packlists. Customer orders with more than one packlist can now be packed and shipped via StarShip separately.

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