Inadequate visibility of our inventory was one of our biggest challenges before RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing. Not only that, but we always ended up having errors in inventory and constant delays in data updates to VISUAL Manufacturing. Using VISUAL Manufacturing was not enough as we had some very special requirements including the need to transfer material between multiple QC locations and to print multiple unique visual traces with same profile data sets. All the above obstacles constantly affected our inventory accuracy and eventually reduced our picking and shipping efficiency.


RF Plus™ Warehouse Management System is fully integrated in to Infor VISUAL Manufacturing. Hence, it helps you scan, integrate and validate inventory data in real-time.


RF Plus’s instant and real-time updates to VISUAL Manufacturing eliminated errors and delays. With the help of RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing we were able to increase our inventory accuracy by quantity and location. Our picking and shipping efficiencies were increased almost instantaneously. We were not only able to increase our inventory accuracy but also reduce our annual count costs.

Multiple QC location in the WIP module of RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing allowed us to transfer material between multiple locations and we are able to print multiple unique traces with identical profile data in Finished Goods receiving.

Overall, RF Plus™ for VISUAL Manufacturing helped us gain optimum visibility of inventory throughout our facility helping us move forward to a leaner supply chain.


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