RF Plus™ WMS for Business Central

The wait is almost over!

We are bringing our expertise to a new ERP.

The RF Plus™ Warehouse Management System is a full-featured warehouse management system for Business Central Users. RF Plus™  is now developed to support the product Dynamics 365 Business Central from Microsoft and will work in sync with its all-in-one Business Management System.

We are starting with introductory prices as low as $200/User/Month

Why Choose Us?


We have  successfully deployed our solutions at 150+ world-class manufacturing warehouses and we have around 20 years of experience in supply chain & inventory management.

 Our Customer Service

We believe in meeting our customers' needs in a timely, efficient, and pleasant way. Work with us, and you’ll work with professionals – vigilant of deadlines, and committed to exceeding client expectations.

Our Pricing

We offer a 30-day free trial after which we move to a subscription based billing model. Our prices are competitive and fair.


We have been recognized as one of the top 5 WMS in the market. We were also the recipients of the 2021 Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund by ventureLab and York region for demonstrating innovative solutions or services that support the development of the innovation network.


  • Inbound Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Outbound Module

Release Schedule

  • Inbound Module - Available Now
  • Inventory Module - Available Now
  • Outbound Module - May 1,2022

Technical Requirements

  • Business Central
  • Device user license
  • Windows 10, Android Chrome browser
  • Compatible devices - MC 330, TC 57, MC 9300

Features List


  1. PO Receiving (Traceable and Non-Traceable parts)
  2. Capture Images
  3. PO Putaway


  1. Register Warehouse movement
  2. Create and Register movement
  3. Inventory Lookup by Item
  4. Inventory Lookup by Bin
  5. Inventory Lookup by Lot/Serial
  6. View/Edit Product Image
  7. View upcoming POs and SOs
  8. View Cost and Price (Access required)
  9. Reclassification Journal


  1. Picking SO
  2. Capture Images
  3. Verify Item during pick
  4. Warehouse Picks (Wave Order)
  5. View/Edit Product Image
  6. Shipping SO
  7. LPN based shipping
  8. Create LPN
  9. LPN Listing
  10. View LPN status

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