Why RF Plus™ is the No.1 Barcoding Solution for VISUAL

How does RF Plus™ transform your warehouse into a competitive advantage?

Maximize manufacturing throughput

Support inventory growth without additional labor

Reduce Buffer Stock

Optimize warehouse capacity

Browser-based platform

RF Plus is a browser-based software. This means you can access it from any device which has Google Chrome installed. This includes mobile devices, mobile handheld computers, tablets, desktops, smartphones. If you are looking to use handheld mobile computers you can check out our list of recommended hardware here

User-friendly interface

RF Plus screens are user-friendly and are designed with a material handler in mind. All information required to perform a transaction is on a single screen. This increases the number of transactions done per minute. Moreover, all fields are validated and therefore don’t require the material handler to remember or guess any information

Real-time integration to VISUAL

RF Plus integrates into VISUAL in real-time. This allows the data to be validated and updated to VISUAL instantaneously. Once the transaction is complete in RF Plus, you will be able to view it in VISUAL without any delays. Our validation process eradicates errors and ensures accurate information is sent to VISUAL

What does RF Plus do that others don’t ?

Inventory Putaway

Whether it is raw materials or finished goods, RF Plus allows you to put away your inventory to a primary location or any other warehouse location


RF Plus eradicates the need to use excel sheets for maintaining traces. Capture heat number, serial number, expiry date, etc. in the handheld screen itself and watch your trace details update to VISUAL in real-time

Issue raw materials to WO on the fly

RF Plus allows you to issue raw materials to a WO on the fly and print issue labels from your handheld directly. This applies to work orders with multiple legs as well

Print labels on the fly

With the help of RF Plus, you can print receiving labels, finished goods labels, part labels, packing lists, and more directly from your handheld screen without exiting your transaction screen

Issuing Return

How do you track raw material left after production? RF Plus allows you to return raw materials back to your inventory with the help of Issue Return. Print issue return labels to identify materials accurately


RF Plus allows you to pick your finished goods against a customer order and move it to the shipping staging location where it waits for your trucks to arrive. Print pack lists to clearly identify picked goods and enjoy a seamless outbound process

Directed Picking

The directed picking function in RF Plus allows users to access the directed picking list on the handheld by sorting the available location sequence number. FIFO will work in conjunction with the location sequence number to suggest a location to the users

Inter-Branch Transfers (IBT)

With RF Plus you can make inventory transfers between multiple warehouses. Print labels and produce all the necessary documents with a click of a button through your handheld device itself.

License Plating

RF Plus allows you to group and move multiple parts ( single/mixed) on a single pallet with License Plating. Create licenses on the fly or pre-build them to save your material handlers time.

Wave Picking and Shipping

Save time and labor by grouping together multiple customer orders into one Wave Order. You can then pick, pack and ship this wave order without switching between multiple screens. You can also print multiple pack lists using our print on the fly function

StarShip™ Integration

RF Plus integrates into StarShip™ Shipping Software in real-time. This integration will allow you to pick and pack using RF Plus and ship your customer orders through StarShip™. Shipping details like waybill number, etc are then uploaded to VISUAL from StarShip through RF Plus in real-time.

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WIP Tracking

With the WIP tracking function, you can track WIP items by operation. Each WIP container can be tracked by WIP Location. WIP Lookup screen in the production module will help you look up WIP goods by WO and Location. This function also supports traceability

Customer Specific Labels

RF Plus not only allows you to print labels on the fly but also to print customer-specific labels. Comply with government or industry standards by using RF Plus to print AIAG, MH-10, SSCC Shipping labels


RF Plus allows you to receive co-products created along with the finished good part during the manufacturing process. You can receive co-products to any warehouse location or its primary location and print co-product labels within the WO receiving screen itself.

Cycle Count Alerts

The Cycle Count Alert option on the RF Plus handheld screen allows users to send out a Cycle Count Request email alert to the supervisor when a discrepancy is encountered. This ensures the parts in the warehouse are regularly counted and inventory accuracy is maintained throughout the warehouse on an ongoing basis

Batch picking raw materials for a group of WOs

RF Plus allows users to group multiple WOs to form a batch. This batch can be created for a particular resource or an FG part or the desired want date amongst others. The requirements on these WOs can then be picked together and sent to production

Image Capture

RF Plus handheld screens allow the user to capture images with a handheld mobile computer with a camera. These images are then saved to the control center as memos for easy access.


Kitting in RF Plus’s outbound module allows you to pick, pack and ship separate but related items as one unit.

Vendor Consignment Tracking

Users can create multiple consignment warehouses for goods. This provides greater visibility for vendor consignments

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How does RF Plus improve inventory accuracy?

RF Plus removes the guesswork out of material handling. It gives the material handler a clear picture of on-hand availability and forces the user to transact in the correct order. It provides pop-up messages alerting the user if the wrong information is scanned thus reducing the likelihood of errors. Based on manufacturing best practices, RF Plus ensures that all the required information is captured through its user-friendly screens and updated to VISUAL in real-time

Data Validation

RF Plus validates data. When the user scans in the PO ID, WO ID, CO ID, or Part ID, RF Plus validates to check if the ID is correct and then checks if the status of the PO, WO, or CO is ‘Released’ in VISUAL

100% Inventory Visibility

RF Plus provides you 100% inventory tracking and monitoring. This enables you to always have a clear picture of what inventory you have on hand.

Eliminate manual data entry

RF Plus does not require any kind of manual data entry. This eliminates typo errors and the reliance on users’ memory. There is zero guesswork when it comes to using RF Plus

Real-time integration

Since RF Plus integrates with VISUAL in real-time. All transactions are updated to VISUAL instantaneously. There are no delays and there is also no need for any synchronization.

Inventory Counts

RF Plus allows users to do physical counts and cycle counts straight from the handheld. The count information is then updated to VISUAL in real-time. The Inventory Dashboard in the control center gives you details on the count in progress, counts completed, and count discrepancies as the count is happening. This way you can tackle the discrepancies without waiting for the complete count to be over.

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Why VISUAL users choose Pi?


Guided, proprietary proven process focused on best practices. Pi has done over 100 implementations at VISUAL sites. Our process includes business review, process verifications, training and user acceptance testing

Pi University

Pi University is our learning portal that contains valuable information regarding our deployment process. There are videos, presentations, and documents that will guide you through facility preparation, new enhancements and features

VISUAL Expertise

Pi Team is well-known in the VISUAL community. We have partnered with all VISUAL resellers. Our VISUAL expertise comes from years of experience implementing at VISUAL manufacturing sites. Our President Jeff Lem is on the steering committee of the VISUAL Manufacturing Canadian User Group

Ease of Training

RF Plus handheld and control center screens are simple, visually informative, straightforward, and easy to provide training on. A material handler can use RF Plus with only a couple of hours of training

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