An advanced warehouse management system like RF Plus™, provides a more robust set of features and resource capabilities for warehousing than a typical ERP, which would handle basic warehouse features in addition to other business functions. The focus of our training course is on helping your team develop soft skills and functional capabilities instead of just software training. We will train your team to take data-driven decisions that would benefit your business and streamline your warehouse operations.

Our 60-day training course is broken down into 5 sessions and includes(but is not limited to);

  1. Process Review- This is the first training session of our course in which we will explain how to identify your requirements by conducting a detailed review of your current processes. Based on this review, we will train you to build your processes for an effective advance warehouse management system implementation. We will also take you through the process of identifying departments which will play an important role in the implementation process and how to get them onboard to form a solid project management team. This session will end with the creation of a final business review report.

  2. Inbound - In this session we will teach your team how to set-up locations in the ERP and your warehouse using a nomenclature that suit your operational and business needs. We will also go through the best practices for receiving, labeling and put away of raw material.

  3. Production (WIP)-Best practices of issuing raw materials to a work order will be discussed in this session. We will also explore the proper time and place for restocking and reissuing of work order material. We will then go through steps which will help you avoid over issuing and conduct issue returns effectively.

  4. Outbound- In this session we will train you to effectively set-up efficient customer order picking. This will help you to cut down on picking errors and delays caused by those errors. We will explore situations when you will need to set-up customer order schedules and what will be the most efficient way to do the same for your business. We will also train you to set-up your shipping process for optimizing your outbound process.

  5. Inventory- We will train you to set-up cycle counts and your warehouse for the most efficient inventory counts and go through discrepancy handling procedures with your team.

Along with the above sessions we also provide label printing best practices, traceability management training and KPI management for all process areas in your warehouse.

As a result of this training course, many organizations have optimized their resources and processes turning their warehouse in to a strategic advantage.

For customized training or detailed information on our Advance WMS training course email us at or call at 1-800-944-8099.