TM Plus™ Labor Tracking

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Hassle-Free Shop Floor Data Collection

Combine our software with your existing systems to make labour and material tracking easier than ever.

What to Expect

Eliminate paper-based labour and material tickets

Reduced work order status errors

Increased inventory accuracy

Increased shop floor visibility

Enhanced accountability


Hours and Task Tracking
Eliminate time sheets for good.

Supervisor Dashboard
Track progress as it happens.

Labour Tracking
Pick up exactly where you left off.

Intuitive Online Interface

Works on Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.


Key Available Features

  • Capture time & materials

  • Data on runtime, scrap, downtime, indirect jobs, & parts produced

  • Track shift & break duration

  • Set-up teams by work group with team leaders

  • Team leaders enter work group time & material usage

  • Multi-shift support

  • Multi WO support with time division

  • Threshold set-up for auto log-out

  • Report on indirect jobs, forced closed tickets, overruns, & completed jobs

  • Real time validation of work orders and part numbers

  • Auto issue trigger of raw materials

  • Receive finished goods

  • Web based interface supports a wide range of hardware platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android

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