Pi Customer Quotes and one of our Core Values: Continuous Learning

Recently we brought a prospective customer to one of our existing customer locations so they can see the RF Plus software live in action. Amidst the discussions, inventory and material handling personnel from our existing customer made the following comments:

“increases productivity like you wouldn’t believe - you can’t imagine how much time I save every day” -Bobby

“I’m 57 and I’ve learned it, it’s simple, at first it was scary, but it didn’t take long at all, I want to go further with it at this point…” -Warren

They weren't prompted to say these things, they were interacting directly with the prospective customer and speaking from the heart. While preparing this blog, I made the connection of their quotes to one of Portable Intelligence's Core Values: Continuous Learning. Below is a description of that core value.

Continuous Learning

The LCBO was our first major project, from that experience we learned the importance of developing in house skills around our core competencies. If we didn’t teach ourselves system design, coding, project implementation, network installation and integration we would never would have made that project a success and that success launched the software group.  

Continuous learning means not allowing a lack of knowledge or experience from venturing forward rather it is the bell we answer when we face new challenges. It also means we will continue to invest in ourselves as we are truly only as good as what we know but also knowing what we don’t know.

Despite all our degrees, certifications, and accomplishments, we will always remain humble. Confident in our knowledge and experience - we embrace the future making change and uncertainty our strength. 

As Ted Rogers said: “You can never be the smartest person in the room but you can always be the most prepared.” 

- - - - - - - - - - 

Bobby and Warren were not afraid to continue their learning despite uncertainty and embraced their company's vision to succeed. 

We are happy to provide on site live demonstrations at nearby existing customers wherever appropriate. If you are interested in such a demonstration, we look forward to coordinating such an event for you. Please contact us at your convenience.