5 Ways to Integrate Customer Service with Warehouse Operations

Are your customer service representatives (CSR) unfamiliar with your warehouse operations? Are they even aware as to where your warehouse is? If you think your CSRs should only know how to use the UPS tracking site, then you may want to reconsider their training!

Often times CSRs and your warehouse team are only vaguely aware of the other's presence. It's of great benefit to have them working more closely together for the sake of your customers.

Here are top 5 ways you can take customer service to the next level by integrating your two teams.

1.   Inventory Reports:

“What do you mean you don't have this in stock!” 

Every organization has experienced this scenario, where a customer is enraged because your website promises the availability of an item but the actual product has been EOL(End-of-Life) since last quarter. And of course, your frontline CSRs have to do damage control when the front is breached. Hence, it is beneficial to have your warehouse team send a daily or weekly inventory report to your CSR team leader, so that customer hopes are not raised and then dashed.

2.    Logistics Training

“Shipping = Point A to Point B. Oh, and here's your tracking. Please call UPS/FedEx/ (insert shipping courier) if you have any questions!”

Let's be honest, your customers are not going to be happy to hear that. They don't want to be the ones taking care of the logistics of their order and honestly, they shouldn't have to. Have your CSRs learn the ins and outs of traces, brokerage fees, international surcharges and to get friendly with the courier by signing up for preferred services. This will help them achieve customer service excellence.

3.   Warehouse tours

“Is the packaging destroyed constantly while in transit? Are shipments often late? Which products are often returned due to defect?”

If at all possible, have new and veteran CSRs tour your warehouse facilities. As they are constantly getting feedback about products received by customers, they will provide your company with valuable information (like the number of products often returned due to defect or damage) regarding your warehousing practices. They would know and they should share!

4.   Latest news on products and services

“What's new, doc”

A good customer service team is updated on the fly whenever new products are launched, but so should your team in the warehouse. Teach them, how the products work and why customers should and will be excited. Get them pumped about the brand and you'll be surprised by the increase in efficiency and productivity! Much more exciting than brown boxes, right?

5.    Teamwork


While this applies to all departments in your company, it's especially essential for your customer service team and your warehouse team. During holidays and anticipated product launches, make sure they have each other's backs because you want those shipments going out on time and friendly service for post-delivery. As they help each other out, the integration of these two very crucial departments will really amplify the services your customers will receive which will lead to overall encouraging and positive work environment.

We are sure, these 5 steps will guide you to get both these departments onboard.