Top Inventory Tips for Infor VISUAL ERP Users- Part 1

These tips have saved our customers both time and money over the years. Consider them, before starting your barcoding project.

1. Locations Turn it on. Don’t use Main as your default warehouse location for all products. You won’t be able to find much stuff if it’s all in Main.

2. Trace If you’re going to trace product such as Lot # or Serial # buy Lot Serial Trace. Third party products like RF Plus require this module to be installed. Also, any additional trace fields you add and are designated as data entry fields are automatically shown on RF Plus’ screens.

3. Part Alias To support scanning of barcode labeled product that comes in from your supplier with a different part # from yours, enter this as its part alias.

4. Kitting Use this when you have finished goods products that are ‘kitted’ together during the picking process. You have to indicate a particular part is part of a kit by updating the Parts table directly in Visual. You need your database administrator to do this. Also, a kit has to be part of your Engineering BOM.

5. Actual Cost If you can’t go with standard costing, Visual allows you to customize how you calculate the cost of your finished goods. This puts you into the category of those who use actual cost to track costs of finished goods. You’ll need to make sure your inventory control vendor can follow this formula for calculating this actual cost whenever finished goods are received into Visual. Often this is a chargeable change.

More inventory tips coming up next week! Stay tuned!

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