Top Inventory Tips for Infor VISUAL ERP Users- Part 2

Picking up where we left off. Below are some more tips which you must consider before starting a barcoding project. These important tips will help you ensure that your resources are used in the most lucrative way possible.

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6. Unavailable Locations VISUAL allows you to designate certain locations as being unavailable, meaning any product in that location is not available for your MRP processes. Examples of product that go into this location include goods waiting for inspection, expired product, product on hold for a special order, or consignment goods.

7. Units of Measurement Visual allows you to keep multiple UOM for the same part. So you can have an UOM for supplier ordering purposes, a stock keeping, UOM, and a picking or selling UOM.

8. Allowing Locations to go Negative This option allows you to take out more than what is in the location according to Visual – this drives the location to a negative number. Useful for backflushing activities or products that are JIT and get taken directly to the shop floor and not an inventory location.

9. Backflush With a barcoding system in place you may want to review which parts remain as backflush parts. Tracking parts that are used frequently as opposed to using backflush processes will result in cost savings and less money being tied up in that part.

10. Demand Supply Link Certain parts are issued automatically to a WO upon receipt. Like Tip #9, you may want to review this procedure and consider having the barcoding system track this item individually especially if it’s high value.

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