3 Benefits of Attending VISUAL Focus, the Premier Conference for VISUAL ERP Users

By Jack Shannon

Let’s start with the details

VISUAL Focus will take place October 21-24, 2018 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL. Here is what’s included in the conference:

· Over 130 sessions and workshops, including 30 new sessions. This is the major draw to past attendees of the conference. There is so much to choose from, an attendee can only attend a little over 10% of what is offered. That’s why companies typically send more than one attendee.

· One-on-one consulting sessions. This is another very popular feature. Want to talk to an expert about an issue you are looking to solve? Enjoyed a session but want to dive deeper into it with the presenter? That’s what the one-on-one sessions are for.

· Vendors with products that complement VISUAL’s functionality. Every vendor at VISUAL Focus 2018 has been invited by the Partners who organize the conference because we have worked with them and trust them.

· Networking opportunities. You will be surrounded by hundreds of other VISUAL users, all with their own VISUAL experiences. In addition, there will be over 40 VISUAL experts available to teach or consult with you.

· A fun off-site event. Join us at House of Blues at Disney Springs for an evening of dinner, drinks, and fun.

· Discounted price. Early bird registration is open! Register by April 30 and save $400. The cost of the conference is $1,950 and includes everything listed above (except workshops), plus accommodations at Coronado Springs and most of your meals. This is the same base price as our last conference. (Workshops are an additional $100 for each 2-hour session to cover the cost of the virtual machine you will receive on a thumb drive that will be used during the workshop. This assures everyone has the same environment, and the thumb drive is yours to keep so you can continue practicing what was learned in the workshop.)

Here are the benefits

1. You will spend 3 days talking and thinking about VISUAL and its use in your company. In my 30+ years in manufacturing, I have never been to a company that wasn’t actively trying to get more productivity out of their operations. VISUAL is used to run your company. It should be treated exactly the same as companies treat their production equipment: Keep it maintained, figure out ways to get more out of it. Learning the capabilities of VISUAL from experts and surrounding yourself with other VISUAL users who can inspire you – or reaffirm your procedures – creates an environment that produces solutions. It’s not magic, but seeing the excitement and sense of clarity attendees have by the end of the conference sure makes it feel like magic.

2. You will address ongoing business issues that have never been solved. We all have a mental list of problems we would like to solve but haven’t. That little voice in our head that says, “There has to be a better way.” Listen to that voice, go to the conference, and let a community of other users and experts help you. If you could have figured out the better way on your own, you would have. Get the help you need, solve the problem and move on. You’ll be glad you did.

3. Become part of the VISUAL community. There are thousands of companies and tens of thousands of users that run VISUAL. Tapping into that community is tapping into knowledge and solutions that are available long after the conference is over.

Don’t come alone!

Of course, coming to the conference by yourself is better than not attending at all. However, for the best experience, bring co-workers. Think of the conference as a giant buffet of knowledge and solutions. You can only eat so much. By bringing co-workers, they can go to sessions you aren’t attending. As a group, you are bringing more knowledge and solutions back to your company. In addition, you are not the lone voice for change when you return from the conference. There is a team involved, so the ability to enact that change is increased. Remember, it’s not a solution until you implement it.

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