Continuous Improvement and Supply Chain Education

By Mark Thomas, Program Director,Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Schulich Executive Education Centre.

New business opportunities and corporate reorganizations are a way of life – and depending on your skills and abilities these changes can lead to promotions, side-shifts or other moves.  

Let's look at you. You are a current or future leader in your company. You are a cut above average and have a real career going.  

But it's not what you've done – it’s what's to come. It’s time to add some dash to your step. You need to build upon your vast knowledge and get refreshed.  Rediscover yourself.  Be more confident in trying new approaches.  Learn new things like Lean Supply Chain. Develop a network of professional friends. Keep your lifelines strong.

How do you do this quickly? Ask your company to co-invest with you! Take Executive Education courses in Supply Chain Management and learn the modern senior manager’s view. 

Pamela Ruebusch, the founder, and owner of TSI Group says “Executive Education helps to strengthen a person because it gives the individual time away to be more reflective and be in a learning ambience.  You come out with a broader perspective than you had before you walked into the program.  It also allows you to learn from others and share experiences with other business leaders.” 

The Schulich Supply Chain programs are based on knowledge sharing. They build on the expert experience in the classroom.  A seasoned and well-known Facilitator and subject matter expert manages the flow of the days and provides challenging insight. You test new principles and practice the ideas with teams in mini case studies. 

Ruebusch continues “The outcome is that you will have a far clearer idea of the leading practices that are being used, and what could be applied to your company. It's a rapid way to get many years experience all within one program.”

OK – will your company support you and the investment?  As they say on TV: “You’re worth it!”.

This is about you, your career and your company’s needs for high-quality management. How can you continue to succeed without professional growth? How can you grow without new experience? Isn't it important to get that experience quickly? Isn’t the fastest way to gain new experience through peer interaction in the context of an expert facilitator?

Position yourself and develop your knowledge into tomorrow’s wisdom for your leadership and business success.

For more information on the Schulich Supply Chain programs, visit . And for any questions and to see what discount you are eligible to receive, call Giovanna Di Ciaula at        (905) 882-7683 and she can help you through the process.

The next Masters Certificate in Supply Chain starts February 9, 2018, so you should make the call to invest in yourself now.

 “Supply chains are a competitive advantage, the Masters Certificate in Supply Chain at SEEC is a must investment for companies looking to make this happen. The courses, instructors, and fellow classmates are the first rate. I highly recommend this program" 

 -Jeff Lem, President Portable Intelligence

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Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is Program Director for the Centre of Excellence in Supply Chain and Logistics Management at the Schulich Executive Education Centre of York University in Toronto.  He can be reached at or        416 988-9750