Shop Floor Scheduling Challenges?

By Lori Adams, President, CloudMFG LLC

Is your scheduling process a dry-erase marker and whiteboard?  After spending thousands on an ERP system, are you still manually scheduling.  If you are struggling with shop floor control, Protected Flow Manufacturing is the solution for you.

Introduced in 2015, Dick Lilly has done it again.  As the pioneer in Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Dick wanted to develop a methodology to address the variability in today’s supply chain.  He has revolutionized scheduling with the introduction of PFM.  As studies have shown, less than 10% of all ERP implementation use the scheduler.    If your manufacturing system has a scheduling module and you find yourself using Excel spreadsheets to schedule the floor, Protective Flow Manufacturing is the solution for you.

When one looks at the root cause as to why the answer is simple -- Scheduling methodologies and capacity planning do not allow for the variability required to handle the changes in the customer requirements, the supplier deliveries dates, the multiple shifts and technical staffing issues, and the routings on the floor.  Basically, by the time you print a dispatch report or have a scheduling meeting, the information is outdated!

 Introducing Protected Flow Manufacturing --- a revolutionary concept developed by one of the pioneers in the Manufacturing ERP Industry. 

Protected Flow Manufacturing looks at 3 concepts -- increasing the speed of an order, releasing the product at just the right time, and creating a threat level to normalize which order should be worked on next.

Protective Flow Manufacturing builds a framework that looks at the touch time and the buffer time.  The order that has the highest threat level is the order to be worked on next.  It is that simple – the highest threat level at a given resource is the order that needs to be worked on next.   If your lead time to touch time ratio is greater than 3, there is a great opportunity for increased profits.  And, if your company's lead time to touch time ratio is greater than 10, there is a tremendous opportunity. 

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