Why PO management is important for VISUAL ERP users?

By SourceDay™

Your organization probably chose VISUAL as your ERP solution for several reasons. One of these may be VISUAL’s flexibility which has allowed you to grow your business. Another could be the ability to expand collaboration within your company. But have you noticed that the communication and collaboration ends there? Is there a gap between your ERP and your supply chain and are critical transactions continuing to happen outside of your ERP system? For example, once a Purchase Order is issued, do manual processes take over forcing your procurement team to manage your suppliers using emails, fax, and excel? Your organization has invested in VISUAL ERP, but at some point, you have to ask yourself - are you maximizing its technology to the fullest potential?

With all of this investment in time and resources, why are you still managing your suppliers outside of VISUAL? Adding an automated purchasing system to VISUAL will unleash the power for each person who requires accurate purchasing and supply chain data to make informed decisions about your business.

If you spend your day with time-consuming tasks like,

  • Organizing supplier acknowledgments in email folders and manually entering them into VISUAL.
  • Frantically tracking down lost or late PO's because they’re close to impacting production and ultimately your ability to meet customer due dates.
  • Manually pulling reports from VISUAL and building spreadsheets to measure your suppliers’ performance.

An automated solution can help bridge that gap. Our purchase order management solution enhances and integrates with VISUAL to provide real-time procurement management of all your suppliers and streamlines vendor and purchase order management.

Combined with VISUAL, an automated purchasing system can:

  • Automate the procurement process, no more manual processes.
  • Centralize communication with suppliers.
  • Monitor costs of products and materials.
  • Eliminate errors from manual entry requisitions.
  • Shorten fulfillment times.

Purchasing is streamlined as technology is used to automatically complete requisitions and purchase orders reducing the amount of administrative time with better accuracy. VISUAL users will bridge the gap and PO management will not stop at the ERP.

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