Modex Atlanta April 9-12 2018- The Smart Warehouse Launch

The launch of the Smart Warehouse was an unqualified success, judging by the excitement and response of the people who visited our booth. The Smart Warehouse is a solution that finally addresses those remaining barriers to warehouse productivity. From what we saw and heard, it didn’t matter if they were a single five-person warehouse or a fifty facility warehouse operation they all kept saying the same thing “we need more productivity, control, and visibility of our workforce.” It’s ironic that while traditional warehouse management systems have made inventory more visible, they’ve made the workforce less accountable and hence invisible.

Smart Warehouse is built on the following four concepts:

  • Barcoding and wireless are great for tracking boxes but not managing the workforce who move those boxes
  • Creating a production schedule or mission will focus warehouse tasks on the day’s priorities
  • AI can and will unlock how to best perform those tasks
  • Location-based services vis-à-vis indoor positioning will allow us to create, move, and manage those tasks efficiently

At Modex we had a lot of great conversations with people who came back multiple times often bringing along colleagues. It was a great launch and we look forward to creating a new era of productivity with the Smart Warehouse.

Finally, a shout out to the organizers at Modex 2018 – MHI, great job, superb service, and we look forward to Promat 2019 in Chicago, booth # N6115 !