9 reasons why you should be on the RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP Maintenance Plan

 It’s more than just support! 

It’s a 9-point plan to help you maximize the value of

your investment!

With the RF Plus™ maintenance plan you get,

Priority access to current and future RF Plus™ upgrades

Getting on a maintenance plan is the only way to get your hands on the latest version of RF Plus™. We continue to invest in our software through regular updates and version releases which include functional enhancements and new features. Also, we closely monitor the roadmap of VISUAL ERP and plan our RF Plus™ upgrades accordingly. This ensures continued, seamless, real-time integration between RF Plus™ and VISUAL ERP.

Two-fold assistance for your RF Plus™ upgrade project

Prior to upgrade, we will help you with project planning and coordinating the upgrade with your internal team in advance, reviewing the best upgrade process for your organization, consulting hardware environment including test environment to determine if any changes are required, creating an upgrade checklist to ensure you have the necessary items and credentials for an easy transition to the new version. 

At the time of upgrade we will take your team through the upgrade steps and help you verify the success of the upgrade in your production environment.

Support for your current and future versions of VISUAL ERP

RF Plus™ upgrades help you maintain compatibility with your current VISUAL ERP version. For as long as you are on the maintenance plan you will continue to receive assistance pertaining to proper set-up and configuration for your current and future VISUAL ERP versions. This will help you to continue reaping the benefits of RF Plus™ for VISUAL ERP.

Opportunity to influence the RF Plus™ roadmap 

RF Plus™ for VISUAL ERP was designed to help VISUAL ERP users like yourself maximize your throughput. Therefore, enhancement requests and suggestions from customers on maintenance plan are included and prioritized in our RF Plus ™ roadmap. This is the reason why RF Plus™ for VISUAL ERP continues to be one of the most intuitive and user-friendly material handling solution for VISUAL ERP.

VIP support

Once you are on the maintenance plan, you become our VIP. We will provide you VIP support with a guaranteed response time which is within 30 minutes for incident submissions for your most critical issues. Our priority queue of support cases eliminates your wait time and enables you to stay focused on your job while we gather information and contact you to address your concern. Regular support hours are from 9am to 5pm EST during business days.

Peace of mind

What happens when your IT staff suddenly leaves and the team is left with no details about the system? Don’t fret. We have you covered. As part of our process, we maintain a detailed interaction log pertaining to key areas of your environment and setup. By staying on the maintenance plan you grant your team access to this information. We will give you the detailed information to help your team get up-to-date with the system. This way your team does not suffer and your operations continue to run without any hiccups. 

On-boarding of new key personnel

During your RF Plus™ implementation our team gains in-depth knowledge about your business requirements and your processes.If your company freshly recruits a new member to your team who does not have any prior experience and who will need to be trained on the system, we will provide your team the necessary guidance. This will help in a faster on-boarding process for your new team member to ensure a successful and smooth transition. 

All time, unlimited access to knowledge base and customer portal

Get unlimited, 24/7 access to our customer portal and knowledge base where you can find helpful resources such as user guides, SOPs, Q&A library, process area videos, training videos and similar resources. You get all the tools necessary to learn at your own pace, reducing the number of support issues, and increasing your productivity.

Invitations to attend customer workshop webinars

We are constantly striving to help our customers make the most of their RF Plus™ investment.Our customer workshop webinars were therefore designed to help customers learn about all the benefits of using RF Plus™ and VISUAL ERP together. In these webinars, we go through detailed processes , in-depth configuration settings, industry best practices and most commonly asked RF Plus™/VISUAL ERP questions. 

Want to get on the maintenance plan? Email us at info@portable-intelligence.com