New Release RF Plus™ for VISUAL Web v2019.6.6

Portable Intelligence announces the release of RF Plus™ for VISUAL v2019.6.6

Wave Order Picking and Shipping


This new RF Plus™ for VISUAL v2019.6.6 will provide flexibility to the warehouse supervisors to schedule, pick, and ship a group of customer orders against a wave picking number. During this wave picking, the user does not need to enter customer order or line number. He/She can simply enter/scan the part number and continue with the transaction. This wave picking feature will help warehouse managers to plan and ship out the orders faster than single order pick. Also, the wave picking/shipping supports LPNs. Some of our customers plan to group up to 100 orders in one wave order. This wave picking can significantly reduce the picking time when dealing with customer orders that are shipped to same address or in the same trailer.

Other new features are:

Inventory Quantity field in To Location dropdown list

Newly added quantity field in the To Location dropdown list helps users to choose a right location in many warehouse operation such as put away, inventory transfer, warehouse transfer, adjust out orders, PO Receiving and WO Receiving.

Suggest Primary Location during Picking

This new version of RF Plus™ can suggest a part's primary location in Issuing, Picking and Wave Picking modules and this feature is configurable.

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