New Release RF Plus™ for VISUAL Web v2019.6.7.3

Portable Intelligence announces the release of RF Plus™ for VISUAL v2019.6.7.3 with the following changes

  • Production Demand Batch/Resource Location Link

Users can now cluster work orders together for the parts on demand and create as a batch to transfer to a resource location for production.

BatchTransfer Rf Plus v2019.6.7.3.png
  • Batch Transfer

RF Plus has introduced Batch Transfer screen in the handheld through which the batch created from control center can be transferred to a resource location for production.

  • Report Item Discrepancy

User can send email for the Item Discrepancy as an Alert, when the user identifies a location, which is short or have excess material.

  • Customer Order Picking - Assign Users to Line

Supervisors or users can now assign a customer order line to other users for picking and shipping .

  • Multi-Language Maintenance

RF Plus™ supports multiple languages. The user can select the language intended to use through the login screen.

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 11.32.40 AM.png
  • Adjust In and Adjust Out

RF Plus has introduced Adjust IN and Adjust OUT screens in the handheld under Inventory. Users can now Adjust part into a location and out from a location.

  • Quick Inventory Transfers

Users can now do an inventory transfer through Pick By Part and Wave Picking screen after validating the part using the Quick Transfer Screen which is enabled through the Quick transfer button on the respective screens.

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