New Release! RF Plus™ for VISUAL v6.8 and web v2018.6.5


Depending on the nature of the business, companies choose different methods of Inventory controls. Sometimes, storing items on pallets or in containers gives better control in a manufacturing and warehousing environment.

A license plate is a barcoded unique identification that is used by material handlers to group and move inventory as a single unit. This unit can be a pallet or a carton. Using license plates in material management provides the handler a way of rapidly moving products from one location to another without having to scan individual contents of that group. 

In its latest release, RF Plus for VISUAL v6.8 and  Web v2018.6.5 has started supporting  LPN(License Plate Number) in PO Receiving, WO Picking, Issuing and Issue Return module. This feature will be available when the License is ON in the general configuration of the RF Plus Control Center.  

Another feature which is also added through the release of RF Plus v2018.6.5 is that  PO Receiving labels, WO Issuing labels and WO Receiving labels can be customized by Part ID. 

To see how to do PO Receiving using RF Plus web version click here