Portable Intelligence Inc. Announces New General Manager and COO Matt Morgan to Lead VISUAL Team

Portable Intelligence is proud to announce the addition of Matt Morgan to our team as General Manager and Chief Operating Officer. With over 20 years of experience in the technology and software industry, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his new role.

Prior to joining Pi, Matt spent twelve years in leadership roles at Synergy Resources, with his most recent role leading the Visual Business Unit as Executive Vice President. He has also held senior roles at a Visual user-site, Encore Plastics, and was Director of Professional Services for Visual Business Solutions, which was later acquired by Synergy.

At Pi, Matt will focus on the company’s VISUAL team, and the product RF Plus™ WMS for Infor VISUAL ERP. He is well known and respected throughout the Visual community, and his track record of success is a testament to his leadership and business acumen.

Pi is excited to welcome Matt to the team and looks forward to his contributions as we continue to transform the warehouse management industry.

About RF Plus™ WMS for Infor VISUAL ERP

Our Warehouse Management System, RF Plus for VISUAL Manufacturing, is specifically designed to integrate with your VISUAL ERP and help you collect the data that you need. RF Plus allows for wireless, real-time inventory, from the receipt of purchased goods at the dock doors, to issuing raw materials, transfers in the warehouse and back to the dock doors for shipping, and RF Plus provides this in one configurable package.

With a comprehensive set of standard features available across 4 modules – Inbound, Production, Outbound, and Inventory — RF Plus for VISUAL Manufacturing can effectively handle any warehouse transaction, and then some.

About Portable Intelligence Inc.

Portable Intelligence is a leading provider of cutting-edge warehouse automation and management software solutions. The company has been working with supply chain and inventory management for more than 25 years, and is used by best in class manufacturers all over North America. Combined with our ERP integration expertise, we can provide best of breed data collection solutions that will not only reduce your supply chain issues, but also promote growth and profitability within your business.


John Adams

Sr. Account Executive

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