RF Plus™

Warehouse Management System

RF Plus™ specifically addresses material management needs of best-in-class manufacturers. 

A complete material handling solution for your warehouse

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP is a warehouse management software that equips manufacturers with everything they need to increase throughput and optimize warehouse efficiency. 

Infor VISUAL ERP integration expertise

Our team has been working in the supply chain industry for more than two decades. We understand manufacturing and the needs of our manufacturers, so our products and services reflect that knowledge and experience.

RF Plus is now available for Business Central

Streamline your material handling with RF Plus™

RF Plus offers four modules – Inventory, Inbound, Production, and Outbound – to capture warehouse data. These modules facilitate inventory tracking and prevent material loss, ensuring efficient manufacturing processes.


Efficiently handles receiving and put away of materials, including those requiring inspection, to eliminate uncertainty and ensure production readiness.


Efficient production management with WIP tracking, traceability, label printing, and more, freeing manufacturers to focus on production.


Manages inventory counts, transfers, and lookups to achieve 100% inventory visibility and higher accuracy.


Solves common picking and shipping problems like picking errors, lack of visibility, and unrecorded transactions for efficient shipping operations.

Warehouse Automation for everyone

The Smart Warehouse™ 

Warehouse Automation Platform

A curated group of complementary technologies that work in tandem with your ERP or WMS, and addresses the blind spots and limitations of traditional methods, such as barcoding and wireless technologies.

Our innovative solution empowers companies to enhance productivity, optimize performance, and stay ahead of the competition.

Experience the future of warehouse management.

Maximize efficiency, visibility & control with TED’s warehouse task management software

TED guides, directs & optimizes workflows​

  • Task Execution
  • ​Task Orchestration
  • Task Analytics​

Real Time Location System (RTLS)

Achieve complete visibility and control of your labor, equipment and assets, leading to a new era in productivity and throughput.

Track and manage labor movements like never before
  • Synchronize warehouse tasks
  • Assign and re-allocate tasks
  • Create labor standards and metrics to improve efficiency
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