RF Plus

A complete material handling solution for your warehouse

Inbound Module

The RF Plus Inbound Module allows for the tracking and management of received materials in a warehouse.

It allows you to receive traceable/non-traceable materials against a PO and put away the received materials to a warehouse location. RF Plus also allows you to receive parts flagged as “Inspection Required” directly to a QC location. Once these parts go through a QC check you can release them to any warehouse location.

The RF Plus Inbound Module solves your common warehouse receiving problems we’ve observed over the past twenty years like:

PO Receiving

With RF Plus handheld screens you can receive both traceable and non-traceable parts against a purchase order. You can do a one-stage or two stage PO receiving. RF Plus handheld screens are intuitive and user-friendly making PO receiving fast, efficient and accurate. You can print PO labels on the fly, thus eliminating the need to preprint labels. The PO receipt is updated to your ERP in real-time. No delays or errors.

PO Put Away

Using RF Plus you can put away received materials immediately to a warehouse location. You enter the From location and the To location along with Part ID and quantity. This prevents lost/misplaced inventory and eliminates your need to rely on memory, handwritten notes or spreadsheets.

QC Receiving and Release

The QC area of the Inbound Module gives you the ability to hold and release incoming parts requiring inspections. QC Hold / Release will become available on your handheld device once you’ve set up the corresponding inspection settings in your ERP. Features include

Inbound Module in RF Plus Control Center

The Control Center displays information about where received POs have been stored including which parts were received, how many, at which warehouse, and where inside the warehouse the order was put away. The Inbound dashboard gives you a high-level view of the number of PO lines that have been received and those that are in progress. The dashboard also tells you the number of POs to be put away.