RF Plus

A complete material handling solution for your warehouse

Inventory Module

The Inventory Module addresses common issues faced by warehouse managers, such as delays caused by poor inventory visibility and difficulties with inventory counts, transfers, and syncing physical and system inventory. 

It helps managers keep track of on-hand inventory and avoid ordering excess buffer stock by providing real-time inventory availability. RF Plus Inventory Module improves efficiency and saves time and money.

100% inventory visibility

Higher inventory accuracy

Faster inventory counts

“At SweetWorks™, we use RF Plus™ for shipping, receiving, inventory management, physical count and work order issuing. We are really happy with the product. It has simplified the work for our people in the warehouse and its actually allowed them to do more transactions in less time. “

Eric Guenette, ERP Specialist, SweetWorks Confections

Inventory Look-up

The inventory look-up feature allows warehouse employees to look up inventory anywhere in your warehouse within seconds. They can look up on-hand inventory by part, location or trace.

Inventory Counts

With real-time integration into your ERP, physical counts and cycle counts with RF Plus take less time and are updated instantaneously to your ERP.

The inventory count discrepancy report in the RF Plus Control Center gives you the accurate picture of your counts in progress by identifying discrepancies between your physical inventory and system inventory in real-time.

Inventory Transfers

It is risky to rely on someone’s memory or handwritten notes when it comes to movement of inventory. With the help of inventory transfers, RF Plus allows you to record each and every transfer of inventory between locations within your warehouse and between multiple warehouses. You can rest assured that no inventory transfer will ever go unrecorded with RF Plus.

Inventory Module in RF Plus Control Center

The inventory module in the RF Plus control center helps you oversee inventory transactions happening across your warehouses. RF Plus automatically updates the information inside the Control Center once you’ve completed an Inventory Lookup on your handheld device. The Control Center lets you generate and print reports on where the inventory is located by warehouse and location ID. It also allows you to monitor your count status and any associated discrepancies.