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RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP (Web Version) New Releases

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.11.0.- November 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus has now look for the EDI Blanket flag when a customer order is shipped. After shipping the Customer order on RF Plus handheld Shipping screen, Customer order will remain in the Released status

  • In RF Plus Reprint Shipping part label screen, the Packlist ID field is renamed as 'Packlist ID / Customer Order ID' and a new input field called 'Line' is displayed. This field will be visible only when the user inputs a CO. If a Packlist ID is selected/entered, the line field will be hidden. 

  • In RF Plus LPN Picking screen, after selecting the Customer order and picking a line, the last used LPN will be retained until the user chooses to switch the LPN manually or the LPN is closed by the user. 

  • Also, In RF Plus LPN Picking screen, a new list icon has been introduced on the LPN field and clicking on that will display the LPNs that are with status New and O (LPN of that CO)

  • Users have been given flexibility to re-open the closed LPN in the LPN Picking screen, a prompt will be shown to the user with the confirmation message if they want to reopen the closed LPN or not.

  • A new windows service 'PI Application Service for Shipment Tracking' is implemented in place of the existing UPS tracking trigger. The user configurable waybill-carrier ID will support to update the waybill and status of customer order and shipper records.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.10.0.- October 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • A new feature Capture Employee Id has added in the RF Plus WO Receiving screen. This will be the configurable option in the Control Center. Labor tickets will be auto generated along with the captured employee id in the WO Receiving screen when related visual configurations will be enabled.

  • Online licensing service is excellent for centralize controlling customers' subscription, but it also creates a potential risk of single point of failure. When the service does not function for a period, customers with online licensing will become no longer able to access RF Plus. For this reason, a new Backup site has introduced which will be setup to resolve the single point of failure design and create proactive error detection between different sites.


RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.9.0.- September 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus will now provide an option to capture the Employee ID while generating a labor ticket. This is a configurable option in Control Center and is a required field if the configuration is enabled

  • RF Plus now provides flexibility to generate Labor Ticket even when work order operation run hour value is set to zero and requirement material is not issued to the work order. This is also a configurable option in the Control Center.

  • In the RF Plus WO Receiving screen, the 'Work Order' field will be renamed as the Work Order/Part ID field which will allow the user to scan the Finished Good's Part ID directly. This will be linked to the RF Plus Control Center Configuration. The configuration should be enabled to scan both WO Base ID and the Part ID.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.8.0.- August 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus Handheld modules are now arranged in a fixed sequence for the ease of use, and this sequence will be maintained intact even when a module is enabled/ disabled

  • In RF Plus Control Center, admin's 'User Module Access Control' page will now have separate IBT section to be enabled or disabled instead of being clubbed with Inventory

  • Production dashboard in the Control Center for WO Receiving will now show each transaction of work order along with the total quantity received for a day

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.7.0.- July 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus can print PO labels in batch mode. There is a button added in PO Receiving screen and will be enabled only after receiving a line/part and it is configurable feature in Control Center.
  • RF Plus will now generate RF Plus traces from Outbound Picking screens. Prior to this, RF Plus Trace profile should be created and RF Plus trace option should be configured in Control Center.
  • Intrastat is a feature used by European Visual clients to track Import/export between member countries. RF Plus enhanced this feature and will update INTRA tables after receiving PO order and after Shipping CO order by following some rules.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.6.0.- June 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • In Wave Picking screen after part validation, RF Plus will now display alerts for Part notation and Customer Order line UDF if set up in Visual Mfg. These alerts should be configurable in Control Center.
  • Rf Plus enhanced security by encrypting email credentials and decrypt for Windows service and Handheld.
  • The new Custom trigger added for the Pallet details will check for the CO line item. If the line item associated with container and skid ID, shipping the CO will update the respective table along with the container and skid information.
  • RF Plus Handheld has added a new technique to enable deployment process without requiring user to clear cache.
  • Physical key will now support Temporary user count, POD, and Starship license options.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.5.0.- May 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus can now generate the new LPN automatically with Auto generate LPN feature. Also, LPN field will show a list icon, to list out unused LPNs to use in the IBT (Inter Branch Transfer) Picking and IBT Picking Adjustment screens.

  • RF Plus has modified to add the record in TRACE_HISTORY table when editing the trace profile property. Trace profile collection and edit feature is available in PO (Purchase Order) Receiving, adjust in, adjust out, WO Receiving screens.

  • In Control Center Customer Order page,

    • 'Orders with stock' filter option will now list the Customer orders having 'Released' and 'Firmed' statuses.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.4.0.- April 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • RF Plus will show a trace list icon in the IBT Picking and IBT Picking Adjustment screens.

  • RF Plus users can now set a WIP location as a pickable location. To enable this feature, users will have to check a new configuration called 'Use WIP as Pickable Location' in the outbound configuration, under Admin in Control Center.

  • RF Plus will now auto-populate the location quantity for trace parts in the WO Issuing and WO Issue Return screens.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.3.0.- March 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • A new trace edit button is available in PO Receiving, WO Receiving and Inventory Adjustment screens, this will allow users to edit existing VMfg. trace properties.

  • UOM and Qty fields are brought together in the same row throughout RF Plus to improve the UI.

  • Adjusting trace parts from a PO is now simplified with the introduction of a new trace list icon. This will help users to select the received traces from the list. Once selected, it will auto-fill the trace ID and show the corresponding quantity.

  • New IBT receiving report feature will allow users to print IBT receiving reports from the IBT Receiving screen.

  • Work Order return screen now supports Work order ID parsing. Users can now get the lot, split and sub-IDs auto filled from parsed WO ID field data.

  • Part Label printing in Inventory transfer screens will now auto-populate the Qty field with the location qty. Users will still have the flexibility to change the auto-filled qty value according to their needs.

  • Users can now pick multiple transactions with one trace id in all picking screens.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2022.2.0.- February 2022

New Features & Improvements

  • In addition to the existing standard reports, RF Plus users now have the flexibility to generate custom reports that can cater to their individual needs.

  • The Control Center dashboard is updated to better assist users to monitor the KPI changes and view drill-down data right from the dashboard with a click.

  • The new Super Scan feature will allow users to improve their productivity significantly. With this new feature, users will not have to find and input data in a predefined sequence, rather they can scan the information as it is presented / available to them.

  • A new feature called Automated Cycle Count is introduced with this release. This feature will allow users to schedule and create inventory counts from RF Plus based on location type and ABC code. Depending on variables set by the user, RF Plus will be able to show an estimated human resource requirement to complete a count.

  • New changes are implemented in RF Plus to support the subscription-based licensing model.

  • For trace parts with a Max Lot size of 1, RF Plus will autofill the quantity field with '1' in relevant screens. Users will have the option to edit the quantity field if needed.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.7.0.3- November 2021

  • Linked Warehouse is a new RF Plus feature for users with multiple warehouses. This feature will help users to group their warehouses. When the Linked Warehouse is checked in the general configuration in Control Center; the transaction warehouse and logged-in warehouse can be different if the two are linked.

  • The License tab in the Control Center configuration is reorganized with added functionality. All RF Plus license functionalities are grouped according to modules in the new license tab. Users can now choose between mandatory and non-mandatory licenses by checking the Mandatory check box in this tab.

  • All picking and Inventory Count screens will now auto-populate the quantity for traceable parts if "Auto populate Trace Qty" is enabled in the Control Center configuration under the General tab.

  • "Show integer trace Qty" in the General tab under Control Center configuration will allow users to see only integer values in the Trace Qty field. When "Auto populate Trace Qty" is checked.

  • Inventory and warehouse transfer screen now has a new toggle button "Transfer by Part;" this will help users to transfer parts based on 'part/trace ID'.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.7.0.2- October 2021

  • RF Plus enhanced WIP Tracking process. Users/Supervisors can now define WIP processes in RF Plus Control Center. To determine which operation to have WIP material tracking, a new table is maintained that will link the WO operation resource to the WIP Process. RF Plus will also allow WIP transfers between desired Zones/Locations.

  • For new Customers using Nicelabel and Bartender label Printing software, RF Plus will now add field names and label template name as part of the label data file. Standard label templates will contain the same fields which are specified in the label data files. This is a configurable feature in RF Plus print file.

  • Reprint LPN button is introduced in LPN Picking screen in case users wants to reprint the License Summary label.

  • LPN progress bar is introduced in PO Receiving and WO Receiving screen. This progress bar will only be visible if part’s pallet qty is set in Visual and LPN configuration is enabled for these screens.

  • RF Plus now supports Batch LPN feature in Inventory Transfer, Warehouse Transfer, PO Putaway and WO Putaway screens. Some Inventory and Warehouse transfer LPN related configurations need to be enabled in CC to use this feature on HH screens. The main functionality of batch transfer is to transfer more than one LPN at once. Furthermore, if user wants to remove any scanned LPN, they can do so from the same screen.

  • Renamed Courier to Ship Via in CC to better reflect the functionality. In Ship Via screen, user has 2 options, one is enable/disable fast shipping feature. Secondly, users can also set the Parent Ship Via and edit the Fast-shipping status in edit Ship Via pop-up window.

  • Users can now group multiple ship via’s into one called parent ship via so that Starship can only pick up the parent ship via.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.7.0.1- September 2021

  • RF Plus users can now pick and ship both trace and non-trace parts with negative inventory if issue negative is configured in Visual.

  • RF Plus now has a new Proof of Delivery (POD) module. This module integrates with Visual, web service, and Android app. Users in the field can now update the status of shipments for goods and/or services. Users will also have the option to collect proof of delivery by capturing the recipient’s signature on a touch screen, text via an on-screen keyboard, GPS coordinates, and pictures via a built-in device camera. This app will allow for real-time updates to the Visual database. Such updates will support other transactions/processes such as automatic invoicing and notification emails of exceptions.

  • RF Plus users can now track labor through TM Plus™. TM Plus is a labor tracking tool that enables floor-level users to keep track of their direct and indirect jobs. Some major TM Plus functionalities include:

  • Keep track of multiple work order operations parallelly

  • Display actual and current completion rate of the user on the dashboard

  • View WO and Operation specific documents

  • Start and stop breaks

  • Create and manage teams to work on direct and indirect jobs collectively

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.9 - August 2021

  • RF Plus can now limit the maximum number of customer orders allowed in wave order

  • RF Plus now supports CO-I demand-supply linked orders (Demand type customer order linked to supply type Inventory)

  • RF Plus now supports the following Visual Manufacturing 10 features:

  • Inactive Parts: Inactive parts are highlighted with an ‘i’ in the inventory lookup screen

  • Account Period Manufacturing Lock: RF Plus will prevent users from logging in if ‘Account Period Manufacturing Lock’ is enabled in Visual.

  • Customer Order Line Status: RF Plus will show customer order lines with ‘Inherit’ and ‘Released’ status.

  • Support for Visual 10 UPC parsing: RF Plus Control Center Part maintenance screen is modified to display and editing of the UPC and UPC_PKG

  • RF Plus can now pack subparts without needing to select the kit part (main part). Users will be able to select the subparts directly from the list in the Packing screen.

  • Users can now print packlist at pick completion, pack completion, and ship completion. These new packlist printing options can be found in RF Plus Control Center

  • RF Plus users can now pack customer orders against packlists. Customer orders with more than one packlist can now be packed and shipped via StarShip separately.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.8 - July 2021

  • RF Plus will now support picking multiple Customer Orders with the same Customer ID and Ship to ID on an LPN in LPN Picking. This is a configurable feature in Control Center

  • In LPN Picking, RF Plus can now collect the waybill (Pro Number) number when picking starts and have it printed on each license summary label. This is also a configurable feature in Control Center.

  • A new shipping screen, LPN Shipping by Packlist is added to the Handheld Outbound menu. This is also a configurable feature where users can ship the picked items by Packlist

  • Another configurable feature is added in the LPN Picking screen to alert users when selecting/entering Customer Order and/or Line

  • Shipping Part Label feature is added in LPN Picking screen when closing an LPN, Shipping part labels will automatically be printed along with License summary Label. Also, users can print the Shipping part label by Customer Id and Ship-To Address NO

  • Reprint Shipping Part label screen is added under Handheld Outbound menu and users can reprint shipping part labels if needed

  • Consolidated BOL’s (Bill of Lading) will be printed once a trailer is fully loaded using LPN Shipping and the door is closed on the Handheld

  • A new feature is implemented in RF Plus to enable the application to send an email to a specified employee’s email after each PO receipt.

  • For RF Plus CO allocation, a new feature ‘RF Plus Allocation Service’ is added that automatically allocates inventory to Customer Orders using a background service. Inventory will be allocated based on customer priorities and desired ship dates

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.7 - June 2021

  • RF Plus will now hide alloy surcharge parts in inbound, outbound, and production modules. Alloy parts will not show up in the lines and part requirement lists if the alloy parts start with the alphabet ‘A’.

  • Requirements in RF Plus issuing screens will now be sorted by operation sequence and piece number in ascending order.

  • RF Plus will now observe visible flags in alpha and numeric properties of trace profile. Therefore, trace labels that are not marked visible in VISUAL will not be available for input in RF Plus.

  • RF Plus users can now make Master LPNs in the Outbound module. To enable this feature, users will have to check ‘Master LPN Packing’ in Outbound under configuration in RF Plus Control Center.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.6 - May 2021

  • RF Plus login screen can now remember the last login company name. Language and warehouse values will also be filled if they are set up for the user in RF Plus control center under user maintenance.

  • RF Plus users can now print shipping part labels during the picking process. A new button called ‘Shipping Part LBL’ is introduced in the Picking, Picking by Part, and Directed Picking handheld screen. A new configuration called ‘Print Shipping Part Label’ is introduced in RF Plus control center under outbound configuration. When checked, RF Plus will print the shipping part labels automatically after a picking transaction is committed.

  • RF Plus can now automatically print issue labels. To use this feature, users will have to check a new configuration called ‘Auto Print Issue Label’ in RF Plus control center under the production configuration tab. Also, RF Plus users can now reprint issue labels through the new Re-Print Issue  Label  submenu in the  Production module.

  • RF Plus project warehouse users can now use directed picking while picking work orders and customer orders through RF Plus.

  • RF Plus can now integrate with Modula. Users can pick both from Modula CO lines and RF Plus CO Lines. Users will also be able to print packing slips, shipping labels and ship the orders for both Modula and RF Plus CO lines.

  • RF Plus trace feature is now extended in the Inventory/ Warehouse transfer module. This feature will allow users to transfer RF Plus trace parts between locations and warehouses. To use RF Plus trace, users will have to enable a new Inventory (Inventory Transfer) option in the RF Plus Trace configuration.

  • RF Plus can now write printer model specific label templates. This will help to print labels through applications that need separate label design files for each printer model.

  • A new location ID field is added to the PO Receiving Label data file. When users print PO Receiving from this screen, RF Plus will write the location scanned or entered from this screen to the print data file.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.5 - April 2021

  • Wave picking screen is modified to list only the Zones having regular part or kit subparts inventory. Zones listed should have the partial or full inventory of regular parts or subparts for customer order lines belonging to the selected wave order.

  • RF Plus is modified to allow users to pack kit subparts. Also, kit subparts can be on one LPN (License Plate Number) or multiple LPN(s). Users will also be prompted to print the batch of packing slips for a wave order when they press ‘Finish Order’.  Users can reprint the Packlist one by one if they miss to print.

  • A new Inventory Count component is implemented in the RF Plus handheld to allow users to count by part/trace. When the Inventory Count by Part / Trace configuration is enabled in the control center, the Inventory Count menu will display the new count by part/trace component.  If the configuration is disabled, the Standard Inventory Count component will be displayed.

  • Directed Picking is implemented in the Outbound module. Users can turn on this feature on the handheld by checking directed picking in the RF Plus control center outbound configuration. On the handheld, the directed picking list will be generated by sorting the available location sequence number. Where applicable, FIFO will work in conjunction with the location sequence number to suggest a location to the users.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.4 - March 2021

  • A new option called ‘Auto distribute delivery schedule picked quantity’ is introduced in RF Plus control center under outbound configuration. When this option is checked; users will not have to select the delivery schedule line while picking a customer order with a delivery schedule.  RF Plus will pick the delivery schedule lines for the user according to the desired ship date in the delivery schedule.

  • In the WO LPN Picking screen, RF Plus can now filter part requirements according to the operation sequence number. Checking a new option called ‘Filter Requirement Parts by Operation Seq No’ in production configuration under RF Plus control center will allow users to use this feature.

  • RF Plus now includes operation sequence number and operation sequence piece number in work order issue labels and work order issue return labels.

  • RF Plus users can now print part labels directly from the Wave Picking screen through the addition of a new button called ‘Print Part label’. In the Part Label print screen, users can set the default quantity for part labels through the printer tab in the control center configuration.

  • A new configuration called ‘Do Not Ship Null Parts’ is added to the outbound configuration in RF Plus control center. When this is selected RF Plus will not ship null parts while shipping a customer order.

  • A new list button is added to the Shipping LPN field in the Packing screen under the outbound module. This will allow users to view the list of packed LPNs and quantity.

  • RF Plus can now leave partially shipped IBTs in released status if the destination warehouse is a ‘consignment warehouse’. Checking a new option called ‘Observe Warehouse Consignment Type’ in the IBT tab under control center configuration will enable this functionality.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.3 - February 2021

  • RF Plus users can now set the default printer for login users from the handheld global menu. If a default printer is set, users will not have to select a printer whenever they print a label or report from the handheld application. The customer order table in customer order operations under RF Plus control center has got a couple of new columns and the default column order is also reorganized for a better user experience. RF Plus can now remember user-selected page size for tables in the control center.

  • RF Plus users are now able to pack and ship regular COs through Starship integration. This new change also supports RF Plus’s fast-picking utility.  To activate this option; users will have to check the ‘Starship Integration’ and ‘Pack’ options in the outbound configuration under RF Plus Control Center. Depending on the user’s preference, Starship is now able to fetch orders directly from RF Plus once an order is closed. RF Plus has a new screen called Cancel Pick/ Pack in the outbound module. Users can use this screen to cancel pick/pack of COs and wave orders that are picked/packed or being picked/packed.

  • RF Plus now supports the following demand-supply links:

    -Demand type requirement linked to supply type work order (RQ- WO)

    -Demand type warehouse linked to supply type Inventory (WH- I)

    -Demand type warehouse linked to supply type work order (WH- WO)

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2021.6.8.2 - January 2021

  • RF Plus users can now receive Vendor Consignment POs through a new screen called Vendor Consignment Receiving under the Inbound module in RF Plus Hand Held. This screen will be available to users that are assigned to a new CONSIGN-VENDOR handheld web role through the Control Center.

  • RF Plus can now automatically generate LPN in the LPN Picking screen according to the customer's specification set in the Customer table.

  • Users can now create a wave order and pick customer orders individually by line through the LPN Picking screen when 'Wave Pick by Individual CO' is enabled in the Control Center.

  • Customer order lines can now be filtered by the desired ship date in the Control center before added to a wave order.

  • LPN Summary label now has an option to collect Dunnage Serial Number, Net Weight, Package Type, Batch No, and Notes when the 'Collect Package Details' configuration is enabled in the Control center.

  • Users will be able to use RF Plus Trace in Receiving and Picking Screens.

RF Plus VM (WEB) v2020.6.8.1 - December 2020

  • RF Plus users can now schedule Inventory Count and Inventory Recount. A new functionality called ‘Schedule Inventory Count’ in the RF Plus Control Center. RF Plus handheld also has a new screen called Inventory Recount under the Inventory module. Users can use this screen to recount their inventory after enabling Recount in RF Plus Control Center.

  • RF Plus users will be able to assign container numbers in WIP Tracking. Users can also view/ print container reports with location movement and stored time from RF Plus Control Center.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.8 - November 2020

  • RF Plus has a new replenishment function

  • This new feature is available under the inventory module. With this new functionality, users will be able to request, pick and put away replenished parts through RF Plus

  • RF Plus control center has also got a new Replenishment configuration section where users will be able to set the minimum and maximum levels for replenishment

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.20 - October 2020

  • RF Plus will match the case for IDs with VISUAL ERP. Previously RF plus used to convert all IDs like Purchase Order, Work Order, Customer Order, Part ID to uppercase. Case matching fixes the problem of the VISUAL costing process which uses a case-sensitive comparison.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.19 - October 2020

  • RF Plus can now  change the Purchase Order and Customer Order Status to ‘C’ when all lines either have been fully received and picked or lines are closed (Line Closed Short checked)

  • RF Plus users can set Part Location Status ‘Available’, ‘Hold’, or ‘Unavailable’ whenever  a new Part Location  record is  added. To set this Part Location Status, a new Configuration called ‘Set Part Location Status’ is  introduced under  the Inventory  Configuration tab in Control Center.

  • RF Plus has been modified to show the delivery line information on the PO Receiving and CO Picking screens automatically if there is only a single delivery line available for that PO or CO Line.  If there is more than one delivery line available for an open PO or CO Line, users must select a delivery line from the list.

  • Wave orders can be filtered by  the  login warehouse in RF Plus HH Wave Picking screen.  During the creation of a Wave order in the Control Center, the Warehouse ID  must be  assigned  to  that wave order.

  • A part description field  has been added in  the Wave Order Picking screen.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.18 - September 2020

  • RF Plus can now suggest a picking sequence to its users in WO issuing and WO LPN Picking screen. This suggested picking follows the locations sequence number by default. It can also work with the FIFO sequence when opted for. Users will be able to skip a suggested line and override the suggested line/ location/ trace/ qty any time before committing the transaction.

  • RF Plus users now have access to warehouse labor tracking and KPI information.  A new configuration called ‘Enable Warehouse Labor Tracking’ is introduced in General Configuration under the Admin tab. Users will have to enable this option to view the KPI and labor tracking information on the Labor page under the Dashboard tab.

  • RF Plus has a new customized Shipping Label on the Picking Screen. This will print additional Part information along with RF Plus’s regular Shipping Label information.

  • RF Plus can now receive, pick and ship virtual parts with the regular PO and CO lines. This will help certain RF Plus users to accommodate certain kinds of additional charges associated with their products. This option is enabled through a backend configuration and is not available in RF Plus Control Center Module.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.17 - August 2020

  • RF Plus will be able to prevent users from picking or issuing goods with expired trace. Users, however, will be able to pick/issue goods with expired trace if “Alert Expired Trace” is checked in Inventory Configuration.

  • FG Trace Link Property - Raw material trace can now be linked to a finished goods trace property in RF Plus. This option can be configured through ‘FG Trace Link Property” in the Production tab under configuration in RF Plus Control Center.

  • User Sessions - RF Plus will allow supervisors to manage handheld user sessions. Supervisors will be able to end idle sessions individually or all at once. A new menu option ‘User Sessions’ is introduced in RF Plus Control Center under the Admin tab.

  • Shipment status can now be configured according to carrier or customer in addition to its previous global setting.

  • A new skip button is added to the picking screen. Users will be able to skip a line(s) while picking for a customer order. Every user will have an individualized skip list. Therefore, a different user will be able to pick a line skipped by someone else.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.16 - July 2020

  • Generate Labor Tickets - RF Plus can now generate labor tickets through a new submenu called ‘Labor Ticket’ under Production. Users will be able to determine default Deviated Quantity and Maximum Operation Allowed Quantity percentage through the control center.

  • Alternative Trace Scan - Users will be able to identify trace in picking by scanning one of the trace properties. This is enabled by a new configuration called ‘Alternative Trace Scan’ under the Outbound in Configuration module. RF Plus can differentiate between valid/ invalid or unavailable trace IDs and inform the user accordingly.

  • Print one specific label format -  Users can now select a label template and print one specific label format instead of printing all labels from the templates assigned to that part.

  • RF Plus Configuration Centre - RF Plus Configuration Center has got some cosmetic updates and label changes for consistency, ease of use, and practicality.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.15 - June 2020

  • Generate SSCC-18 - RF Plus can now generate SSCC-18 case labels during the customer order picking process. Users will have to enable ‘SSCC-18 Support in Picking and Packing’ in the Outbound module of RF Plus configuration. Users will also be able to reprint labels SSCC-18 labels and use the search function on the list dialogue to filter by line number or part id.

  • Generate Master SSCC18 - RF plus will enable users to generate master SSCC18 and pack the picked SSCC18 cartons against the master SSCC18. For this user will have to enable the ‘SSCC18 CO Picking’ function in the Control center. Once enabled, the ‘Finish Order’ button in the shipping screen will be replaced by the ‘Finish Shipping’ button. Users will be able to Enter or choose a ship-to location from the list. This list will show all picked CO Ship-To IDs along with the customer name and address, Build a master SSCC18 , Unpack and Print/ reprint Customer Specific label Master SSCC18 Label

  • Select Line Automatically - RF plus will be able to automatically select line(s) automatically from a purchase order. Users will have to enable ‘Select Line Automatically’ in the inbound module under RF Plus configuration. With this option checked, users will not have to input line numbers while adjusting, printing, or reprinting labels in the inbound module. While re-printing labels for traceable parts, users will have to use traces related to the PO and Part ID, previously users could use any trace related to the Part ID.

  • Prebuild LPN - Users will be able to Pre-build multiple LPNS from the Pre-build LPN screen in production. To build multiple LPNS, users will have to enable ‘Prebuild LPN’ in the Production module under RF Plus configuration. With the option selected users will be able: Generate multiple LPNS, Determine the quantity per LPN  and Determine the number of LPN prints (copies)

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.14 - May 2020

  • A warehouse can now be selected and associated with wave orders while creating them through the control center.

  • Filter CO’s by Ship-To - Customer orders could be filtered by Ship To IDs and added to wave orders by selecting One Ship To ID- Yes while creating wave orders in the control center which means the first added customer order’s Ship To ID will be considered for the wave order and only customer orders with the same Ship To ID will be allowed to add after.

  • New Order Notations and Order Specifications - Users can now click on Info Icon besides customer orders in RF Plus Control Center to view Order Notations and Order Specifications Under Operations/Customer order page and Line specifications for the concerned order selected.

  • New Email Alert - Emails can now be configured under the new Email Alert Tab under configuration on Control Center for cycle count request and Starship wave return error.

  • PI Application service has now been updated with the following, once it receives a wave order- A new Customer order line will be created for the first customer order of the wave order, RF Plus will create the corresponding shipper line for the wave order freight charges, an email alert will be sent when the same wave order is sent to RF Plus with updated freight charges.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.13 - May 2020

  • WIP Tracking - A new WIP Tracking feature has been added to help manufacturing/warehouse users to track WIP items by the operation. Each WIP container can be tracked by WIP Location. Trace field is introduced in the WIP Tracking screen and can be issued against a work order. WIP Lookup screen is introduced in the production module that will help to look up WIP goods by WO, Location.

  • New features to the PO Receiving Screen - Users can now view the order specification and notations, RF Plus now supports vendor part scanning in the part field, Both project and Commercial Warehouse receiving are now supported, PO Line Ordered Qty will be displayed when the user selects the line list icon.

  • A new configuration has been added that will block inventory transfers between project warehouses 

  • Inventory Level Indicator - WO Issuing screen now displays the Inventory level indicator on part and location field

  • Users can now print Multiple Copies of License ID in Print LPN Label

  • RF Plus Handheld Wave Picking Line Spec is now included in the wave picking screen

  • Warehouse Labor Tracking module- A new labor tracking module has been implemented to enable the tracking of user direct and indirect labor activity. The Labor Tracking module will also enable the collection of detailed labor event data throughout the RF Plus handheld application for KPI generation and analysis

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.12 - April 2020

  • Handling Unit Maintenance- Handling units will be added to all packed shipments through the packing screen in RF Plus Web Application. In the handling unit page, users can add, modify or delete handling type and can be accessed through the Handling Unit screen under maintenance.

  • The shipment type field in Wave Order - Shipment types could be added for wave orders and displayed in Control Center wave order creation and display screens respectively. Users will choose one of the following shipment types Parcel, LTL, or Truckload.

  • Printing Handling Unit and Description in Packing Labels - In the Handheld Packing screen, RF Plus will print LPN label before or after closing LPN.  The current REPRINT LPN renamed as PRINT LPN.  Also, RF Plus will output the Handling unit,  description,  handling weight into the data file of the existing packing label.

  • Auto BOL Printing - Master BOL reports can be printed automatically through PI Application service for shipment types Truckload and LTL after shipping the orders through Starship application. A new screen Re-Print Master BOL has been introduced in RF Plus Web Dashboard under Outbound tab to print BOL reports for Wave Orders with any shipment type. It will accept Wave orders that have status Closed. Wave order BOL reported will be grouped by handling unit and Shipping LPN.

  • Packlist By Warehouse - The current RF Plus Control Center has a new configuration called “Packlist By Warehouse’’ in the Outbound Configuration section. RF Plus introduced a new feature that allows users to pick with multiple Packlist for the same customer order in different warehouse. The same pack list will be used when user login to the same warehouse.

  • Add Order Notation in Customer Order Field  - In VISUAL, for each customer order, the user can put order specification, line specification and order notation. In Picking and Picking by Part screen, for customer order information field, RF Plus Web has introduced a separate icon for order notation field. Users can add multiple order notations sort by date and time.

  • Issuing Screen - In WO Issuing Screen location list, the change is when there is only one location, when clicking the list icon should also show the location list dialog to allow user to select location from the list.

  • AIAG Changes - RF Plus introduced AIAG prefix when users scan purchase order, customer order, part id, trace id, quantity and LPN. These prefixes are configurable in the control center. Also, all the corresponding label data file will have AIAG prefixes for the above fields.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.11 - March 2020

  • Supporting Allocation Quantity for Kit Sub-parts - When RF Plus feature called Support Allocation Quantity is turned on, RF Plus will list only the Sub parts of Kit parts, which have allocated qty - fulfilled quantity >0.

  • Display Allocated / Fulfilled Quantity and Carrier ID - RF Plus Control Center’s Customer Order screen is now modified with two new columns, Allocated and Fulfilled quantity on the order line detail table.  The new columns are added for all different Customer Order filter types (All Orders, Orders with Stock, Released, Scheduled). The Carrier ID field is also displayed now in the Scheduled Orders list in the Customer Order (Header) table.

  • Validate Allocation Quantity during Scheduling - Under RF Plus Control center, When the [Pick Only Allocated Qty] outbound configuration is ON, the Control Center will validate whether each Customer Order has (allocated qty – fulfilled qty) > 0 for at least one CO line when the [Schedule] button is clicked. And gives alert message accordingly when we schedule the orders.

  • Prebuild Finished Goods License (PREBUILD LPN)  - RF Plus Web has introduced a new screen Prebuild LPN under Production menu which is honoured by the config ‘Prebuild LPN’ under Production tab in Control center. Users can now be able to associate a work order with an LPN through Prebuild LPN screen and can receive the LPN through Work Order Receiving screen and can Put away the LPN to the desired location.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.10 - February 2020

  • Supporting Allocation Quantity - RF Plus feature called Support Allocation Quantity has been added to this Release. When this feature is turned on, RF Plus will list only the customer order lines which have allocated qty - fulfilled quantity >0.

  • Starship Tables Mapping Update - RF Plus has been updated with starship table mappings and now supports BOL Consolidation

  • Add Print Label button to QC PO Release Screen - RF Plus Users can now print label from the QC PO release screen. Once the line field is validated, PRINT LABEL button will be enabled and labels can be printed.

  • Insert record in INVENTORY_TRANS with LPN details for inventory move - RF Plus will now insert record into INVENTORY_TRANS table with description "RFQ Inv. Move:", if there is LPN Associated RF Plus will add LPN to the description.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2020.6.7.9 - January 2020

  • VISUAL Pack List # when printing packing list or during shipment - RF Plus has been enhanced to create a Picklist ID now for picking purposes and create a Packlist ID for all shipments. Depending on the configuration set in the control center for GET PACKLIST METHOD with ‘Pick Completion’ and ‘Ship Completion’ as options, Packlist ID will be generated for all Shipments accordingly.

  • VISUAL Part Substitution  - RF Plus will now support part substitution. Users will set up the substitute parts in VISUAL.  When ‘Issue Substitution’ and ‘Add Requirements’ are ‘ON’ in control center under Production Configuration tab, RF Plus Issue Screen will list the Substitute parts. When users scan or select a substitute part in RF Plus, the system will add a WO requirement (create a material card) for that same operation.

  • Show Issued Qty and Required qty on Issue Requirement Part List - RF Plus is now enhanced to show issued Qty and required Qty on the WO issuing screen under Issue requirement Part List.

  • Suggest Primary Location in PO Recv and PO Put away screen - RF Plus will now show or populate primary location of any part (set in VISUAL for primary warehouse and Location) in the Location field, when a part is entered in RF Plus PO Recv and PO Put away screen and validated.

  • Receive IBT Orders that are shipped from VISUAL and LPN linked  - RF Plus is now enhanced to ship IBT orders through VISUAL in the warehouse and receive through RF Plus. IBT orders can now be Picked and Shipped with LPNs and Received with LPNs.

  • LPN option in the Putaway screen  - An LPN toggle option is now available in RF Plus Putaway Screen, to give users the flexibility of enable and disable LPN.

  • Breaking LPN when users transfer from type 3 location to type 1,2 location  - RF Plus will break IBT LPNs and leave the individual parts inventory in destination location when RF Plus users PutAway or transfer IBT LPN from type 3 location to Type 1,2. (Allow staging location to be type 3 location for Putaway)

  • Support multiple UOM – LPN IBT- RF Plus will now support IBT line UOM vs Stock UOM for LPN IBT Picking, Shipping and Receiving.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7.8 - November 2019

  • Populate part location quantity in the Inventory and Warehouse Transfer screens - For non-traceable parts, Suggested Qty will be populated after entering/scanning the part id whereas, for traceable parts, the RF Plus will suggest the qty after entering/scanning the trace.

  • Only show parts on the Inventory page of Web CC where PART.DETAIL_ONLY='N' or PART_SITE.DETAIL_ONLY='N' - RF Plus will be modified to show only the parts where PART_SITE.DETAIL_ONLY=’N’ or PART.DETAIL_ONLY=’N’

  • Show Ship-To address info in the Customer Order header Page - Ship-To ID, Ship-To Address 1, Address 2, City, and State will be added to the Customer Order header Page. RF Plus shows the ship-to address information if there is a corresponding  record  in the CUST_ADDRESS table. Otherwise, the above columns will be blank.
  • Print Part Label from any page - The new version of RF Plus will have a new context menu called Print Part Label. This context menu can be accessed from any screen when users tap on the right top corner of the windows(ellipsis). When users tap on the Print Part Label context menu, RF Plus will open the Print Part Label screen.

  • Prompting users to choose ‘Close’ or ‘Leave Open’ option for blanket POs during PO Update process - RF Plus will be modified to prompt the user asking to close or leave open only when there is at least 1 PO line with ordered qty = 0 when user updates PO
  • Auto issue from work order warehouse - RF Plus will be modified to take the materials out from  REQUIREMENT.LOCATION_ID ,  REQUIREMENT.WAREHOUSE_ID. If REQUIREMENT. LOCATION_ID and REQUIREMENT. WAREHOUSE_ID - VISUAL Makes the requirement location negative (We will not check our flag in CC) for Auto issue. We will always make it negative for req location as VISUAL does. 
  • Add PO line in PO label print data file - RF Plus will be modified to add the PO Line number in the PO label data file. PO Line # will be added as the last field. Header name of the field will be PO LINE NO

  • Allow undoing the Finish Packing Process – In the new version of the RF Plus, users will be able to unpack a whole CO/Wave order or an individual LPN in the UNPACKING module.

  • Allow over receiving for Null part (non-outside service) - RF Plus will be modified to allow over receiving the null part PO lines.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7.7

  • Bug Fixes

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7.6 - November 2019

  • GTIN Support for parts - RF Plus now supports GTIN (UPC/EAN previously called) for all parts in all RF Plus screens. GTIN types can be integrated to parts through Control Center under Maintenance/GTIN by creating a new GTIN or modifying an existing GTIN type.

  • Multi-Site Support - RF Plus now supports Multi-Site for regular Picking and IBT Picking for visual versions > 7. Customer order lines from different sites will now be able to be picked through RF Plus.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7.5 - September 2019

  • Zone Creation/Zone-Location Link  - RF Plus has introduced a new screen in Control Center for zone creation. Users can now create Zone under the warehouses and can link locations to the zone (linked through location screen under maintenance tab).

  • Kit Parts Picking - Kitting Functionality is introduced in RF Plus HTML5 for regular CO- Picking and Wave Picking. kitting functionality allows customers to pick and ship kit which is composed of other parts. User enters main parts(kits) in customer order line when user creates customer order in Visual Mfg. During the picking, RF Plus will list all sub parts for main kit part which is ordered by customer.

  • Zone Picking - RF Plus has introduced zone field in the picking and wave picking screen. User can select the zone and pick parts from the zone selected. 

  • Packing - A Packing module in RF Plus HTML5 is introduced to pack the parts after picking. After completing the picking either in regular or wave picking screen, user can pack the picked parts in carton/skid.

  • StarShip Integrated Shipping - RF Plus is integrated with StarShip for shipping orders. Users will use RF Plus for Regular Picking, Wave Picking and Packing functionalities. After packing completed, the pack list information will be sent to StarShip and users will be able to ship items using StarShip.

  • Edit Trace Expiration - RF Plus can now edit the trace expiration set in visual, when collecting the trace profile for that traceable part through RF Plus screens. 

  • Inspection Part Receive in Other Hold Locations - RF Plus can now allow user to receive an inspection part to any warehouse’s inspection location.

  • Comment section in Inventory Move Screens - Inventory transfer/warehouse transfer screen now have comments section where the user can add the comments for the transfer.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7.4 - August 2019

  • Web Control Center - Site Menu - Maintenance Tab - RF Plus Web CC has introduced a new menu option Site in the Maintenance menu for the VISUAL Version >7.0.

  • Web Control Center - Site ID - Customer Tab - RF Plus Web CC has introduced Site ID in the Customer Tab for the Visual Version >7.0.

  • Pack-list By Site - RF Plus will now allow users to print pack-list by Site

  • Inventory Locked, Consumable and Obsolete check for Part site - RF Plus will now check the part site table for below, if the value is NULL, then it goes part table.

  •  9.0.8 VISUAL Support - RF Plus has introduced VISUAL 9.0.8 Support

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7.3 - July 2019

  • Production Demand Batch/Resource Location Link - RF Plus has introduced two new screens in Control Center, Production Demand Batch/Resource Location Link . Users can now cluster Work orders together for the parts on demand and created as a batch to transfer to a resource location (linked through Resource Location link screen) for production.

  • Batch Transfer - RF Plus has introduced Batch Transfer screen in the handheld through which the Batch created from Control center can be transferred to a resource location for production.

  • Adjust IN - RF Plus has introduced Adjust IN and Adjust OUT screens in the handheld under Inventory. Users can now Adjust part into a location and out from a location.

  • Report Item Discrepancy - User can send email for the Item Discrepancy as an Alert, When the user identifies a location, which is short or have excess material.

  • Customer order picking - Assign Users to Line - Supervisors or users can now assign a customer order line to other users for picking and shipping processes.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7.2 - June 2019

  • Multi-Language Maintenance - The new RF Plus v2019.6.7.2 now supports Multi-languages. The user can select the language intended to use through the login screen.

  • VISUAL 9.0.7 Update - RF Plus is updated to work with VISUAL 9.0.7.

  • Line Spec - Users will now be able to see the Line specifications through RF plus Handheld (if there is any) in the following screens. PO Recv screen for Purchase order line and Picking screen for customer order line.

  • Quick Inventory Transfer - Users can now do an inventory transfer through Pick By Part and Wave Picking screen after validating the part using the Quick Transfer Screen enabled through the Quick transfer button on the respective screens.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.7 - May 2019

  • SUB LPN Picking - This new RF Plus v2019.6.7 will provide flexibility to the warehouse supervisors to schedule, pick, and ship a group of Sub LPNs under a Master LPN. The user can simply enters/scans the master LPN. And then enter the customer order to associate with the master LPN and enter parts and Sub LPNs. User can also adjust the Sub LPNs under the master LPN.

  • Picking by Part - In handheld, user can now select the customer order and start picking by parts. After picking all the parts, user clicks the UPDATE ORDER button to complete the picking. User can also adjust the picked part when it is needed to be adjusted.

  • Packlist Transfer - After an order has been picked and has been updated, the Packlist created for that order can now be transferred from one warehouse to another for further shipping purposes.

  • Reprint Master LPN Label - Master LPN Label and Sub LPN Labels can be reprinted through these screens when needed

  • Close Customer order through Control Center - When the user turns on the configuration , user can close the order and ship through control center.

  • Generate Packlist By ShipTo ID(Wave Picking)  - Through wave picking screen, we can now generate Packlist By ShipTo IDs after picking a wave order and finishing the order against a series of customer orders.

  • VISUAL Project - RF Plus application has been modified to integrate with Visual Projects

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2019.6.6 - January 2019

  • Wave Order Picking - This new RF Plus v2019.6.6 will provide flexibility to the warehouse supervisors to schedule, pick, and ship a group of customer orders against a wave picking number. During this wave picking, the user does not need to enter customer order or line number. The user can simply enters/scans the part number and continue. This wave picking feature will help warehouse managers to plan and ship out the orders faster than single order pick. Also, the wave picking/shipping supports LPNs. Some of our customers plan to group up to 100 orders in a one wave order. This can significantly reduce the picking time when dealing with the customer orders that are shipped to same address or in the same trailer.

  • Inventory Quantity field in To Location dropdown list - Newly added quantity field in the To Location dropdown list helps users to choose a right location in many warehouse operation such as put away, inventory transfer, warehouse transfer, adjust out orders, PO Receiving and WO Receiving.

  • Suggest Primary Location during Picking - This new version of RF Plus can suggest part's primary location in Issuing, Picking and Wave Picking modules and this feature is configurable.

RF Plus VM(WEB) v2018.6.5 - July 2018

  • LPN (License Plate Number) Support for PO Receiving, WO Picking, Issuing and Issue Return - RF Plus VM Web v2018.6.5 supports LPN in PO Receiving, WO Picking, Issuing and Issue Returning module. Depending on the nature of the business, companies choose different methods of Inventory Controls. Sometimes, storing items on pallets or in containers gives better controls in a manufacturing and warehousing environment. The LPN support in the above RF Plus modules allows warehouses to track inventory by pallet, skid or container. Finally, inventory tracking and counting can be easier when LPN is used. This feature will be available when the License is ON in the general configuration of the RF Plus Control Center.

  • Part Label by Part - In RF Plus v2018.6.5, PO Receiving, WO Issuing and WO Receiving labels can be customized Part ID. Also, RF Plus allows to configure more than label format a Part ID.

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP (Telnet Version) New Releases

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.8.5

  • Filter customer order lines by login warehouse for an order. Filter CO Lines by Login Warehouse ID- configurable option in RF Plus™ Control Center

  • WIP Tracking changes- For each WIP Container move, RF Plus will update the system date and time in the new field

  • WIP Label changes- After printing WIP labels, there will be 10 fields ‘resource id’s’ added at the end which represents maximum 10 operations. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.8

  • Part Label by Part- In RF Plus v2018.6.5, PO Receiving, WO Issuing and WO Receiving labels can be customized Part ID. Also, RF Plus allows to configure more than label format a Part ID.  When user clicks on the ‘Label By Part’ menu for a selected part under Part Maintenance, RF Plus will open the following dialog where the user can add or modify the template for each part. In the following screen, for PO Receiving part label, there are two templates added. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.7

  • Link Warehouse Feature -The Link Warehouse feature will allow the users enter/scan warehouse along with the location.This is an optional feature and it can be activated by turning on the Multi-Warehouse and creating the warehouse group in the RF Plus Control Centre. Warehouse group can be created and maintained in the Maintenance - > Warehouse Link menu 

  • Work Order – Raw Material Issue by License Plate Number(LPN)- Users can pick raw material items by LPN for a WO. After that, they can issue the full LPN against a work order. Furthermore, one LPN can hold more than one requirements. A couple of new sub menus are added to Issuing Menu to support this new feature. 

  • More fields in PO and WIP Labels- In this version, few more fields are added to help users’ day to day warehouse operations. Fields details are added in the handheld manual. 

  • Issue Return Label- A new label for Issue Return is added in v6.7. This helps users to customize the Issue Return label different from Issuing label. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.6

  • Certified to VISUAL 9 and SQL 2016-RF Plus v6.6 is certified to VISUAL 9, SQL 2016. Also, it has the backward compatibility down to Visual 7.0, SQL 2008R2 

  • Pack,Verify and Ship- With this new module, RF Plus customers can reduce the paperwork and increase shipping accuracy by using this new module. Also, the user can pick, pack and ship by ship via. 

  • Scheduling multiple customer orders once - In this new version, the user can schedule multiple order after selecting the order(s).  When scheduling is ON the default order type will be Release Orders otherwise the type will be All Orders. Also, default sorting will be by ship via depart time. 

  • Ship Via Filter in Picking - When the Ship Via Filter option is ON in the Outbound configuration, the users can pick the orders for specific shipment. This will help the warehouse operation team to prioritize shipment by carrier. Also, the new shipping label has case count which can be useful during the pack and verify process. 

  • Pack- In the Pack process, the users can pack the items on a skid or in a box against a license plate number(LPN). Also, the shippers verify and ship using this LPN. Users can pack multiple orders on a skid or a single on order on many skids. Furthermore, RF Plus have two configurable Pack options to choose by customers depending on their needs.  

  • Verify- In this Verify screen, RF Plus user can verify the packed items by scanning the LPN. The handheld application lists all items by LPN, CO and part # with quantities as shown below. After the verification, the user confirms the verification of the LPN. 

  • Ship- In this process, the user can ship the LPNs to a door. Only the packed and/or verified LPNs can be shipped here. After scanning and loading all the LPNs, the user closes the door. Then the orders are marked as closed as well.

  • Batch Inventory Transfer, Put away and QC Release- In the previous version of RF Plus, the user can only transact a single transaction at a time during inventory transfer, put away and QC Release operation. From v6.6, the RF Plus user can transact a batch instead of single transaction. This feature helps warehouse worker to reduce the trip time significantly.  This Batch Transfer option can be turned in Inventory configuration tab. The user sees the scan count increasing when scanning each item during the batch operation. 

  • Break WO-CO Demand Supply Link - The new RF Plus v6.6 breaks the WO-CO Link when a user receives FG goods. This feature can be turned on in the WIP configuration tab. 

  • Trace Expiry Date Edit - In PO and WO Receiving, the RF Plus allows the user to edit the trace expiry date when this feature is turned on in the Inventory configuration tab.  

  • UX/UI Improvements 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.5

  • WIP Tracking- The new WIP tracking allows RF Plus users to track WIP containers in a manufacturing environment. Now in RF Plus, the warehouse users can track WIP items between work order operations. As these are not raw or finish good materials, these items tracked by containers. The user builds, moves and consume WIP containers using this new module. The new version of RF Plus VM handheld application contains WIP Tracking & Lookup screens whereas RF Plus Control Center contains the new Work Order page. Two new location types WIP and Production are added for WIP Tracking purpose. 

  • Purchase Order Filter- RF Plus VM 6.5 has a new purchase order filtering functionality instead of showing all the released purchase order in the handheld. This filter is applicable for purchase order header as well as the lines. A new purchase order filter configuration, added in the Inbound tab, can be used to configure days before and after from desired receive date.

  • Show Transaction ID during Inventory Transfer - When ‘‘Display Transaction ID for Inventory Move’ is ON in the inventory configuration tab, the RF Plus VM 6.5 shows the transaction during inventory transfer. By default, this option is set to OFF. 

  • WO Issuing in Multiple Statuses - RF Plus VM versions up to 6.4 allow the WO issuing with the ‘Release’ status only. In RF Plus VM 6.5, raw materials from ‘Unreleased’, ‘Firm’ and ‘Closed’ work orders can be issued as well. However, a confirmation dialog will be shown to proceed issuing materials for the Unreleased, Firm and Closed statuses. A new configuration ‘Allow Issuing Multiple Statuses’ in the WIP configuration tab is used to turn on/off this feature. 

  • Manual Trace Expiration in PO Receiving - A new configuration ‘Show Trace Expiry’ is added to the Inventory configuration tab. When this option is on the user needs to enter the expiration date in the new trace expiry filed. However, this field entry varies depending on the configuration and shelf-life data. 

  • Warehouse Dashboard - In RF Plus VM Control Center v6.5, the users can switch graphs between bar and line type. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.4

  • RF Plus and TM Plus Control Center Merger - TM Plus is another Portable Intelligence product created for shop floor data collection. As many customers prefer having one control center, PI decided to merge both control center features. However, if the customer does not use TM Plus, they may disable the TM Plus features. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.3

  • Full Pick and Ship - Full pick and Ship feature will enforce the user to pick the order fully even user tries to finish picking by pressing F4 in the handheld. 

  •  Allow zero quantity entry in Inventory Count - RF Plus VM v6.3 allows to enter zero in Inventory Count module 

  • Business logic conversion to support Web API development - The business logic was converted to support for future Web API development. However, there is no change in current the functionalities. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.2

  • Dashboard Drill down in Control Center - In version 6.2, users can drill down most of the KPIs in the dashboards. For examples in the following dashboard, users can get the details when they click on the hyperlinks pointed by blue arrows. 

  • Visual Project Integration - RF Plus VM 6.2 is integrated to Visual Project. Now RF Plus supports Visual Project in PO Receiving, Put away, Inventory & Warehouse Transfer, WO Issuing, WO Issue Return, FG Receiving and FG Return. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.1

  • Part Alias - This feature allows user to scan UPC/EAN/SCC14 in the warehouse and associates it to the part number in Visual MFG. 

  • Load Verification - Allows users to count number of customer orders on the Pack list. 

  • Reports - This features allows users to view various kinds of reports within warehouse. Following reports are Inventory, Receiving, Picking & Shipping and Physical Count. 

  • Main Dashboard in Control Center

  • GTIN - This feature allows users to assign GTIN’s barcode to individual parts. Part Id can have multiple GTIN barcodes assigned, but GTIN’s can be only associated to one part.  

  • No. Of. traces - If this option is on, users can enter the number of traces to be printed for auto traceable parts

  • Audit Log - RF Plus offers supervisors to keep track of activities that occur in Web Control Center. All changes on configuration and user profiles are recorded under Windows Event Logger. 

  • Release Inv QC - Release Inventory from QC locations is only applicable if the part location status is on hold. It provides functionality to transfers parts from hold to available location. Only non-staging location are allowed in this module. 

  • Serpentine Picking - Operator picks customer order according to sequence No of the location, until the order is picked. 

  • Replen Configuration Screen - This config screen is designed to enable replenishment options in RF Plus Handheld. 

RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP v.6.0

  • RF Plus™ Control Center is now converted to a web format

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