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RF Plus™ WMS for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has three modules: Inbound, Inventory, & Outbound which help you capture data across your warehouse.

RF Plus Warehouse Management System for Business Central and NAV

Maximize Warehouse Efficiency with Our Versatile Management System: Seamlessly Integrates with Cloud and On-Premise Versions of Business Central. Gain Real-Time Inventory Visibility and 100% Control with Modules Including Purchase Order Receiving, Putaway, QC Release, Inventory Lookup and Transfer, Count, Picking, and Shipping.

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Experience why thousands of users worldwide trust RF Plus™ every day to manage their inventories.

Inbound Module

The RF Plus Inbound Module allows for the tracking and management of received materials in a Location.

It allows you to receive Lot/Serial and Regular items against a PO and putaway the received items to the desired Bin.

Latest features

RF Plus Business Central is now integrated with NiceLabel Suite and Bartender.

Efficient Putaway Using Business Central Putaway Templates

Effective putaway and picking procedures are a top priority for managers in high-performing warehouses. Well-organized putaway processes contribute to overall warehouse efficiency as they facilitate accurate inventory tracking, simplify the process of storing items, reduce the risk of misplacing or losing things, and keep your warehouse clean and organized. Additionally, careful planning and organization in the put-away process help minimize errors, reduce picking times, and improve the overall flow of goods within the warehouse.
With Business Central putaway templates, RF Plus can make your warehouse operation more efficient and warehouse staff’s lives easier. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your warehouse operations with RF Plus for MS Dynamics 365 Business Central.

90% Increase

in Inventory Accuracy

80% Reduction

in Inventory Count Time

20% Increase

in Picking & Order Fill Rates

We optimize your warehouse processes,
turning your warehouse into a competitive advantage

RF Plus uses barcoding to capture data at the point of transaction and updates it to your ERP system in real-time, eliminating the need for manual notes and spreadsheets. It’s designed based on best practices in material handling, also it reduces your reliance on tribal knowledge.

Increased inventory visibility

Easily track and monitor the movement of products and materials throughout the warehouse in real-time. With increased inventory visibility, managers can quickly and easily monitor inventory levels and identify any discrepancies or errors, which can help prevent stockouts or overstocking.

Additionally, it can also facilitate the tracking of inventory turnover and assist in forecasting demand, making it easier to plan and adjust production schedules, and replenish inventory on time.

Speed up everyday work, & more...

Higher manufacturing throughput

Eliminates need for paper & spreadsheets

Allows traceability and license plating

Lower inventory carrying costs

Easy to deploy

On-demand label printing

RF Plus and ERP Integration

RF Plus fully integrates with your ERP giving you real-time information at all times. We are compatible with:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central




RF Plus Handheld Screens​

RF Plus handheld screens are browser based, intuitive, user friendly and allow you to capture transaction information on a single screen.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users choose Pi?

Deployment Time

Guided, proprietary proven process focused on best practices. Our process includes business review, process verifications, training and user acceptance testing.

Pi University

Pi University is our learning portal that contains valuable information regarding our deployment process. There are videos, presentations, and documents that will guide you through facility preparation, new enhancements and features.

ERP Expertise

We have successfully deployed our solutions at 150+ world-class manufacturing warehouses and we have around 25 years of experience in supply chain & inventory management.

Ease of Training

RF Plus handheld and control center screens are simple, visually informative, straightforward, and easy to provide training on. A material handler can use RF Plus with only a couple of hours of training.

Need Hardware?

We support all leading brands of barcoding equipment and devices such mobile computers, barcode scanners, voice picking solutions, printers & more.

We can connect you with one of our industry leading partners.

Technical Requirements:

Supported Editions: The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported Countries: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, United States, and UK
Supported Languages: This app is available in English (United States)

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