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A complete material handling solution for your warehouse

Inbound Module

The RF Plus Inbound Module allows for the tracking and management of received materials in a Location.

It allows you to receive Lot/Serial and Regular items against a PO and putaway the received items to the desired Bin.

The RF Plus Inbound Module solves your common warehouse receiving problems we’ve observed over the past twenty years like:

PO Receiving

With RF Plus handheld screens you can receive both Lot/Serial and Regular items against a purchase order. RF Plus handheld screens are intuitive and user-friendly making PO receiving fast, efficient, and accurate. You can print PO labels on the fly, thus eliminating the need to preprint labels. The PO receipt is updated to your BC in real-time. No delays or errors.

PO PutAway

Using RF Plus you can putaway received materials immediately to a Bin. You select the desired Item number, enter the To Bin and the quantity to be putaway. This prevents lost/misplaced inventory and eliminates your need to rely on memory, handwritten notes, or spreadsheets.