Arnet Pharmaceuticals is a renowned contract manufacturer of natural products worldwide. To manage their inventory, they used paper-based inventory transaction records and an ERP system. Arnet faced several challenges due to this outdated system, which led to inefficiencies in inventory management. 

Client ERP:

Selected WMS:

Company Background


Arnet aimed to improve inventory accuracy, throughput and picking errors by implementing  RF Plus, which would work in tandem with their current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, VISUAL. Specifically, their goals included:

What Challenges were Arnet facing?

Lack of a WMS

Arnet did not have a WMS before RF Plus implementation, and maintained inventories using ERP inventory functionality and paper-based documented inventory transactions.

Gap between transactions and physical movements

There was a gap between inventory transactions and physical movements, which resulted in unknown inventory statuses.

Time wastage

Employees had to spend a significant amount of time looking for products/materials, and handwritten pick lists led to errors.

Tribal knowledge

Extensive training was required due to tribal knowledge, and high employee turnover rates.


After implementing RF Plus, Arnet Pharmaceutical was able to achieve significant improvements in its operations, such as:

Reduced picking errors

Picking issues/errors were reduced, which helped improve throughput.

Easy implementation

RF Plus was easy to implement using remote tools, and the project management experience was successful.

Great technical support

Arnet received world class technical support throughout the implementation process.

Facilitated growth

Arnet was able to continue its growth trajectory of 40% annually, without pain.

Met all target goals

Arnet met all target goals, right on budget and timeline.

90% Increase

in Inventory Accuracy

80% Reduction

in Inventory Count Time

20% Increase

in Picking & Order Fill Rates

We Asked Arnet What They Like Most About RF Plus

“RF Plus helped the team with labeling materials as it is integrated with NiceLabel Suite. 

This application is easy to use and received all necessary support as part of the implementation to set all the labels needed. Customization is available at additional cost.”



Warehouse and Logistics Manager
Arnet Pharmaceutical Corp

Portable Intelligence is a Certified Loftware Partner, and we highly recommend NiceLabel as a comprehensive labeling solution – fully compatible with RF Plus!

Tracing inventory

“RF Plus leverages VISUAL’s traceability features and records in the back end of VISUAL, any transaction executed through RF Plus. 

RF Plus is versatile in a way that supports multiple purchased licenses without slowing down the processes.”


Regulatory Compliant

“RF Plus is FDA compliant, you can control user access to different modules, transactions can be traced back to the user, and you cannot change transaction after they are executed.”

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