4 Steps to Ensure a Successful RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP

With the e-commerce sector experiencing significant growth, consumer demands have become a driving force behind logistics industry processes. To effectively meet the increasing expectations of customers and ensure the swift movement of goods, many operators are turning to technology as a means to simplify their operations.

By investing in a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution such as Infor VISUAL and complementing it with an intelligent and flexible warehouse management system like RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP, you can effectively alleviate the mounting strain on your shop floor team and optimize your warehouse operations.

As a provider of a competent warehouse management system specifically designed for the leading ERP, Infor VISUAL ERP, we have accumulated valuable knowledge over our 25 years of experience. This expertise allows us to streamline the implementation process for our customers, ensuring a smooth and successful integration of our system.

  1. Document Your Internal Processes:

    To achieve a smooth implementation, it is essential to document all your internal processes comprehensively. This documentation should include the “What, How, and Why” of each process, no matter how small or large. By understanding your existing processes, you can identify areas where RF Plus™ and Infor VISUAL ERP can overlap seamlessly. If there are any gaps, our team can help bridge them and tailor the system to your specific needs. The quality of your internal process documentation will greatly influence the success of the implementation.

  2. Set Up Your Warehouse:

    Barcoding is key to the effectiveness of your warehouse management system. Ensure that all your racks and inventory are barcoded before the implementation process begins. Barcode labeling enables accurate tracking and efficient management of inventory within the system. By having barcoding in place from the start, you will accelerate the implementation process and maximize the benefits of RF Plus™ for Infor VISUAL ERP.

  3. Invest in Quality Handheld Devices:

    To leverage the full potential of RF Plus™, it is essential to invest in high-quality handheld devices. These devices will be used by your warehouse staff to scan barcodes, update inventory status, and perform other crucial tasks. Opt for devices that are durable, have excellent scanning capabilities, and offer seamless integration with the warehouse management system. By equipping your team with reliable handheld devices, you ensure smooth operations and minimize potential disruptions during the implementation phase.

  4. Foster Team Collaboration:

    The success of any implementation project relies heavily on effective teamwork. Create a designated implementation team with a primary goal of achieving a smooth implementation. Appoint a project manager or lead as your “Champion” who will be responsible for coordinating efforts and ensuring everyone is aligned towards the implementation’s success. The team should ideally include representatives from IT, Finance, Operations, and Production departments, with finance commonly acting as the project sponsor. Establish clear deadlines and foster a culture of commitment among all team members involved in the project.


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