Portable Intelligence Inc. Welcomes Rob Sheinfeld as Director of Business Development, Smart Warehouse

Markham, Ontario, Canada – (September 1, 2023) – Portable Intelligence Inc., an industry leader in advanced warehouse automation and management software solutions, is thrilled to announce the addition of Rob Sheinfeld to their team as Director of Business Development for the Smart Warehouse division.

With his extensive experience in business development, Rob will play a pivotal role in identifying strategic growth opportunities and expanding the company’s market reach. He is tasked with enhancing the sales and distribution of the Smart Warehouse™, a curated warehouse automation platform that seamlessly integrates with existing ERP or warehouse management systems.

“Rob’s proven track record of success in the industry, along with his passion for innovative solutions, makes him an invaluable asset to our team,” said Jeff Lem, President and CEO of Portable Intelligence Inc. “We’re excited to have him on board to help us further our mission to revolutionize the warehouse management industry.”

Before joining Portable Intelligence, Rob has a successful track record in driving business expansion and securing strategic partnerships in various roles. His extensive expertise and strategic insights will undoubtedly bolster the company’s position as a leading provider of warehouse automation solutions.

The Smart Warehouse™ is an essential tool for modern-day warehousing, offering an array of complementary technologies that work in tandem with existing ERP or warehouse management systems. Its capabilities, including forklift tracking, routing, order and task management, are complemented by Portable Intelligence’s groundbreaking TED™ warehouse management software extension.

Through the integration of innovative technologies, Portable Intelligence empowers businesses to uncover valuable insights and analytics related to warehouse efficiencies across functions, workers, and equipment utilization. By correlating location metrics with standard warehouse production data, the company delivers game-changing insights that drive remarkable efficiency gains.

For more information about Portable Intelligence Inc., Smart Warehouse™, and their suite of advanced warehouse automation and management software solutions, please contact Rob Sheinfeld at:

Rob Sheinfeld

Director Business Development, Smart Warehouse

Office: 416 285 7180 x 2351

Mobile: 647 212-2904

[email protected]


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