RF Plus Putaway using Business Central Putaway Templates

Putaway with RF Plus for BC

Effective putaway and picking procedures are a top priority for managers in high-performing warehouses. Well-organized putaway processes contribute to overall warehouse efficiency as they facilitate accurate inventory tracking, simplify the process of storing items, reduce the risk of misplacing or losing items, and keep your warehouse clean and organized. Additionally, careful planning and organization in the put-away process help minimize errors, reduce picking times, and improve the overall flow of goods within the warehouse.

The warehouse planning and organization are made simple and efficient with Business Central(BC), providing a hassle-free putaway through pre-planned and customized templates. Warehouse managers can choose the right type of putaway method(s) by analyzing variables like storage capacity, product quantity, and the availability of warehouse personnel.

The three forms of putaway methods—fixed location, directed, and dynamic—can be supported by BC Putaway Templates. For each type of putaway method, a customized putaway template can be defined using the combination of the following options(Yes or No):

  • Find Fixed Bin
  • Find Floating Bin
  • Find Same Item
  • Find Unit of Measure Match
  • Find Bin w. Less than Min. Qty
  • Find Empty Bin

In BC, you can set up any number of putaway templates and use a specific template for any item or stock-keeping unit with special putaway requirements. RF Plus for BC observes these templates and guides handheld users in choosing the proper bins during the putaway process. The lives of warehouse staff are made easier by RF Plus’s improved workflow and excellent user experience.



Director of Business Development

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