VISUAL Focus 2023 – Orlando, FL


  • Dates: October 9-12, 2023
  • Location:  Loews Royal Pacific Resort,  6300 Hollywood Way
    Orlando, FL 32819

Pi Attendees:

  • Jeff Lem, President
  • John Adams, Sr. Account Executive
  • Curtis Renauld, Customer Success Manager

About VISUAL Focus 2023

VISUAL Focus is the premier conference for Infor VISUAL ERP Users. Infor Channel Partners Visual South and Synergy Resources are again teaming up to bring together the best VISUAL resources for content and presentations.

About Portable Intelligence Inc.

Portable Intelligence is a leading provider of cutting-edge warehouse automation and management software solutions. The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the industry by delivering the next generation of warehouse management systems that utilize indoor maps of facilities.

The company’s flagship product, TED™, is a revolutionary warehouse task management software that streamlines and automates the distribution of tasks to forklift drivers and other material handlers, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Portable Intelligence’s innovative technology allows the company to bring to light new insights and analytics around warehouse efficiencies by function, worker, and equipment utilization. By correlating location metrics to standard warehouse production data, they provide game-changing insights that drive dramatic efficiency gains.


John Adams

Sr. Account Executive

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